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Pretty in Pink

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I had bought this car back when it was released and put it up on display and forgot about it. I was reading the other day that more than one has been found so it prompted to bring my down to look it over. I never did notice the writing on the dash before :giggle nor did I know the history of it.
Think about, if you were driving around in a pink car!, you had better had the muscle to back it up! :giggle

About the diecast, it is typical Ertl of the time, but they got the body dead-on! With some wires, carpet, BMF and some black wash, these make great models.

I found a good article about the 1:1: 1968 AMX

Here is an article about the Payboy pink one:angela dorian pink AMX

Warning* these are 90K+ files and 800x600*
3/4 front shot:


Rear 3/4


See the writing on the dash?


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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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