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Printing decals

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I bought a sheet of decal paper and made a word document with proper sized decals. But when I print them they look crap, and the colors start to run into eachother :confused Does anyone know how I can print decals properly??
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What kind of printer are you using?
Is it inkjet or laser and did you get the right paper for the printer? Word might have something to do with it as it might be set for fast printing and knock down the resolution.
Also, did you print it at the maximum resolution or DPI?
What sort of a printer were you using Rico. The highest quality setting will make the ink to bleed. Have you tried with the lowest setting. I guess laser printing should be the best for printing on decal paper.
I don't think a laser printer can print on decal paper.
They do make laser printer decal paper and I have bought some.http://www.decalpaper.com/laser.html
Didn't know that. I've always read that laser printer type of paints to not adhere to decals
It's a HP DeskJet (not laser). I tried it with different settings, but I'll try it with draft mode now.
Draft is too low quality, it looks awful!
Detail Master makes great laser decal paper and Testors makes inkjet decal paper. I made decals for my Tamiya Hayabusa's exhaust cans in photoshop at 500 DPI and had them printed on Detail Master laser decal paper at Kinkos.

As for the printer settings, can't help you out much there as I took mine somewhere that I knew had good printers. It cost about a dollar to have them print it out!

Good luck!
The paint of my printer doesn't seem to adhere to the paper as LUW said... What printer would work? This isn't a later printer I think :confused (HP DeskJet 930C???)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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