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Prodrive Ferrari 550 Maranello #58

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I dedicate these photos to DJ Dirk. He has thoroughly corrupted me with Ferraris that have raced at Le Mans. This model is made by Red Line in 1:43. As you can see, the details are really well done. I've long loved the 550 Maranello, even the street version. How much better it is to have a race version!

This one was driven in the 2002 Le Mans. The drivers were Tomas Enge (CZ), Rickard Rydell (S) and A. Menu (CH). Sadly, the car did not complete the race. A fire on board the car forced its retirement on lap 174.

click on the pics for 800x600 (typical filesize 90kb)

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Man, it is hard to believe that that car is only 1:43 scale. It's got an awful lot of detail, doesn't it. Le Mans is so cool.
I don't know a lot about Ferrari Racing, but if this was available in 1:18 scale, I would be all over it :tongue

Excellent photos as usual Felix :nicejob
What a beautiful piece, Felix!!! :nicejob :nicejob :coolpics

That slippery slope...can't... hold... much... longer!!! :help
Congrats on your new addition Felix! The prancing horse do and will have an effect on you once you get started. :tempted
Outstanding! :tongue

I'm not even going to ask how much... Okay, how much? :giggle

And great pics as always! :phat
great pics as usual Felix :coolpics
great detail for 1/43
what does that cost stateside? if you don't mind my asking :cheers
That is a beautiful model Felix! Congrats!!! :cheers
Congrats Felix, looks amazing model :coolpics
Looks like you have fallen hard into the 1/43 pit, not only that, you have fallen for 1/43 handbuits!!! :yahoo

P.S. While you are at it, you should look into AB handbuit McLarens :cheers
Not only is it a slippery slope but also VERY steep.... :lol
Lovely pictures 'Mr Photography' or 'I will only collect 1:18s'

You sure have captured 1:43s well, it's very hard to tell the scale of the models with your excellent photography

ps. Do you hire yourself out for weddings etc. :giggle
I don't know if I'm sad or happy about these Ferraris only being available in 1:43. Sad that I can't have them, but happy that they won't make a new hole in my bank aacount. :giggle

Beautiful, Felix! :cheers
Uh oh...looks like I have a bit of typing to do reply to all your nice comments guys!

cobalt: I've noticed that there are some 1:43 manufacturers that incorporate a phenomenal amount of details into a 1:43 package. Someone's got some great machinery and also fine-motor skills too!

Darrick: The appeal of 1:43 for me right now is that there are so many race cars (Ferraris too) available that just aren't in 1:18. Maybe AutoArt's can be 'credit' with their curbside models like the JGTC Skyline GTRs for opening my mind to sealed models. Ironically, since that time, I've spent a lot more money on sealed models in 1:43 than in 1:18. :giggle :giggle Thanks for your nice words about the photos.

Gian: Ooops...sorry if I open any Pandora's Boxes for you inadvertently! :tempted

MB : If Kyosho makes this in 1:18, I'm all over it!!

Kelvin : Yeah, the prancing horse stomped on my wallet too. :lol :lol It wasn't too deep an imprint since I got a pretty good deal .....for a Red Line model. :giggle

Souky : Since you asked, it cost 80 U.S. clams. I usually see them go for ~110. Glad you like the pics.

stevie : Please see my reply to Souky. I bought mine in Canada by the way.

Ronan : Thanks for your congrats Ronan! Red Line sure did do a fine job in re-creating that car in 1:43!

Nadav : Thanks for your compliment. :cheers

Lukshmit : :lol :lol I had no idea I got infatuated with two handbuilt models. It looks like I have expensive tastes in models.....but don't have a bank account to match. Bummer! Where are the AB handbuilts assembled?? I know about AutoBarn's forum but know very little about their models.

Scuderia : Fortunately, I've got a small little toe-hold on the steep slope. I'm hanging on for dear life!! :lol

Ken : Thanks for your very kind compliment about my photos. Since I tend to struggle with my Canon S30 camera with 1:43 cars (mostly focus issues), your compliment is very encouraging to me. I've got my wifey's blessing to buy a Canon Digital Rebel so I will be retaking photos of all my cars in due time. :happy It will be a lot of work but I'm sure the results will be worth my time and effort.

I do wedding photos only if the bride & groom allow me to be 'in their faces' with my camera set to "Macro" mode. :lol :lol Oh, how do I photoshop out nosehairs??

Luciano : It's healthier to stay away from these Red Line cars. The reason behind their company name is that if you buy enough of their cars, and your bank statement will be printed out in 'red lines'. :giggle
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:woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo

So Felix
how do you feel about the car
whas i right or whas i right to CORRUPT YOU in getting one :lol

so, when is the next one arriving :yahoo
Breathtaking photos of an equally breathtaking model Felix. Like cobalt says, there is just too much furious detailing gone into these 1:43s. Surely every bit of value has been given for those hard earned $$$.
Wondering how come the best looking racers always figure in the DNFs.

Don't quote me but I think AB handbuilt Macs are built by MR. Don't know where, but they are superb. I am tempted to collect the 550s too, but need to save my money for the Macs...
:lol :lol It sounds like someone's excited here. :giggle That car is simply divine!! The details top-notch!! As I have a couple Sparks models beside the 550, I can't help but think Sparks quality is very high. To my novice-eye for 1:43s, I dare say offers better value for the quality. But of course, Sparks does not make race version Ferraris so that a minor problem for me. :wink Now to find a LM 360. :tempted The photos of yours have really swayed me to find one of those for my own collection.

Who makes the Olive Garden ALMS car? :confused
Thanks Winston for your kind compliments. Funny that you mention about all those great looking cars modeled after DNFs. :lol :lol Heck, I have a Zonda that didn't even make it to DNF as it was stuck as DNQ. :lol :lol I haven't photographed that one yet. Give me a week or so when I have time during my vacation.
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