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I always wanted to have a NSX-R in my collection, but I never managed to get the Kyosho version. So, my only choice was to take the very poor Revell Honda NSX and make a full conversion.

Here is what I did:
- repainted the interior in black and red (for the floor)
- removed the original seats and steering wheel and replaced them with pieces from an old bburago Ferrari F40; these F40 seats and steering wheel were repainted and detailed to match the NSX-R: the seats were painted red and black and the steering wheel black, silver and white, and was given a custom-made "H" logo
- repainted and detailed the engine
- removed the engine cover, so you can view it from the rear window
- swapped wheels with an old bburago Countach, then painted them white, like the real NSX-R; this involved cutting axles and other complicated and annoying stuff
- lowered the stance of the car; this involved cutting parts of the chassis
- custom made 4-point seatbelts
- "NSX-R" logo in the entry of the cockpit
- "Type-R" logos in the seatbelts and on the floor
- repainted the pedals in alluminium
- custom made "Honda DOHC VTEC" logo on the engine
- repainted exausts to simulate hollow pipes

I hope you enjoy, please give your oppinions! :feedback


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:eek:mg that's an amazing job you did!!!!

.....the sealbelts are incredibles!!!! I just love it! :10 :10 :10
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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