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Q about Hotwheels M. Schumacher F1 car

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Could someone please tell me if there are a lot of decals missing from this model to make it "complete" and accurate looking?

I'm thinking of getting one for SM Jr. since he's quite the Schumi fan. Plus he's got a Ferrari shelf with two Ferrari caps. I thought it only fitting there'd be a F1 Ferrari on that shelf.

Thanks in advance. :cheers

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SM it's a pretty easy conversion as there is very little to remove(his name on the sides) and the addition of about 12 decals. Be very careful if you try to remove the antenna...don't!!! Cut a small hole where it needs to go and place over the antenna. It really is pretty easy to do. If you need any help PM me. I should be able to "talk" you through it.

Do you have the much needed reference photos? :confused
Thanks for the info and offer to help me through the modding process Mike. You're the best! :cheers Where would I get a decal set from for a decent price? If the price is reasonable, I'll consider doing the mods for my son. Though he isn't such an F1 enthusiast that he would immediate notice the missing logos....I don't think. :confused :giggle

Any reference pictures would be super. I'm really not up-to-speed with Ferrari production model numbers.

you've been pm'd :cheers :cheers
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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