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Q about TVR Tuscan Le Mans (2003, 2004)

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Does anyone have either 2003 or 2004 model made by Spark and can comment on its quality?



:feedback Thanks in advance!
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Hi StygianMax. I have the '04 purple one. This is my first from Spark, so cannot comment on its quality within the brand. Overall, I'm very impressed. The paint is deep in color, and like most 1/43rds it's relatively smooth and free of orange peel. Hard to see the dashboard details, what with the very narrow side windows, but the interior seems well detailed with racing harness, extensive rollcage tubing, fire extinguisher, and bare aluminum-look gear lever, flooring & rear bulkhead. The windows are really thin, so require some care when waxing/cleaning. As a benefit, they're also very clear and have little distortion. Have a few minor gripes though:
The tires are not side-specific, so the right side shows incorrect rotation direction marks.
On one side on my particular model, there are some fine scratches on the window.
While the decal application is very good overall, there is an area on the back where I think they should have used separate decals, rather than one large clear piece connecting the actual sponsor decals themselves. The solvent they use to set the decals tends to create a slight orange peel effect on areas that otherwise would have been smooth paint.

But these are just minor nits. The model on the whole shows very high quality, and it's obvious that lots of attention was paid on the detail. It is also presented well, with a compact plastic case (that's thicker than normal model cases, and rounded around the edges) set on top of a resin or painted wood base. Very solid compared to other boxes.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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