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Q. Black Ford GT40 by Revell?

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I just saw this in Exoticar's latest flier (last page). Has anyone seen this car face-to-face and can comment on its quality? Did Revell cut some sort of deal with Beanstalk or Creative Masters to make this car in black?

:feedback Thanks in advance.
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Revell has a very nice 1:20 GT40. Maybe they did the car in 1:18 but using the good standards of the 1:20. If so, it's going to be a great model. I don't know why but Exoticar stopped sending me their brochure. Do you have any pics of the car?
Is the car in the catalog the '60s GT40 or the new Ford GT? :confused
acisne said:
Is the car in the catalog the '60s GT40 or the new Ford GT? :confused
The picture was of the new GT40 Concept. The description was simply "Ford GT" (no mention of 40 nor concept). I'll double-check when I get home tonight.
If it says Ford GT it's not the GT40 but the same as the 2004 car offered by Beanstalk.
It just dawned on me that I should have checked out Exoticar's website. What I found is that the car is made by Beanstalk.

Here's the picture straight from their website:

Click Me

Item Number: 10014B
Manufacturer: Beanstalk
Scale: 1/18
Color: Black

Price: $29.95

Thanks for everyone's help. Has anyone seen this model around?? :feedback
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I have this one ordered :giggle
Max Power said:
I have this one ordered :giggle
We will be expecting pictures Jeff. **nudge nudge wink wink** :happy
The reason the "40" was left out of the "Ford GT" name is that Ford didn't want to pay the millions it would take to buy the name from whom ever owns it now, which of course I forgot. So the 60's version is Ford GT40 and the new re-creation is just Ford GT. I thought it was Maisto who bought the mold from Beanstalk... :confused
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