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Question about AA Subie Rally car

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Hiya all,

Just wondering, does anyone know if the 2-door Norisbank German Rally car released by AUTOart, is based on a 22b or on a Type-R?

This is the old-gen impreza, btw.


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Hey Gary,

It's based on the 22B, not the Type R. :eek:k Is this another future buy for you? :danbana
I regret not buying this one when I had the chance to. :pullhair
Thanks all!

Kev found this in a local store, but it's a tad pricey... :(
How much? If it's under $65 USD, I'd say - GO FOR IT! :cheers
As it has been said, it is not based on the doors.

As Souky said, if it is under 65$ (I paid mine 62 euros) GO FOR IT !!!

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Hate to be picky but as a subaru fan- the wrc car is not based on the 22b- rather the 22b was the road going version of the 1998 subaru world rally car. The car shown is the 1999 version, in my humble opinion one of the best subarus to have rallied. Beautiful livery that one i'd go for it :eek:k
thanks all for the info! :cheers

The price is 73USD including taxes. The problem with the thing is, the plastic cover is broken, I'm afraid something is broken on the model :confused

As Kev has also confirmed, the model used to be on the bottom of a stack of models (!!!) and that's probably why the clear plastic cover was crushed. Now if they give me a discount on that, assuming everything is alright with the model, I'll get it (yes, Gary's cheap :giggle).

Vatabot, does the model have any antennae that could be broken off due to the plastic cover collasping? Thanks!
Ask him to drop it down to $65 USD. That's a reasonable offer, in my opinion. Just point to the busted box and say - "C'mon, this is not a toy, it's a collector's item".

As for your question - Yes, it does have an antannae. It's not very 'flexible' and could be bent/broken off if there's enough pressure/stress.

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Thanks Souky! Now I gotta make sure the antenna is not broken!
65USD sounds about right. If only the Canadian government didn't tax us so much! ARGH!
Do you shop often at this local store? If so, try to bargain it down even further. Just remind the shop keeper that you're a regular/royal customer, not some random sale. I'm sure he/she will give you a better deal.

Haggle, my friend. Haggle. :happy :cheers

I always purchase locally from a couple of shops only. I get pretty decent prices which are 20-25% cheaper than retail.
I LOVE to haggle. Kev calls me the haggle-man :giggle

But the problem is, I don't shop at this store (never been in there). So getting them to discount is only going to be based on the conditino of the box, and not on "I'm a regular customer" thing. Cause this place has expensive stuff. Don't know why this Subaru is priced so competitively (relatively, of course)
I see...

This is not a common Subie anymore, so the 'busted package' is your best weapon here (since you're not a reg customer).

Good luck. Let us know how it goes. :cheers
yeppers! Thanks Souky!

Actually it's going to be Kev who's doing the haggling for me :giggle since I don't even know where the store is :p
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