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Question about AA Upgraded version GT3R

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Hopefully one of you guys can help me out here.If someone could look at their upgraded GT3R and see if it has a seperate rear panel( the one that houses the 3rd brake light) or is this panel part of the body itself.I know the GT3 RS's have it as a seperate panel.Please have a look and let me know.Perhaps even the new GT3R race livery ones are same as the upgraded ones(without doglegs).
Thanks 911boy
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On the T2M car that panel is part of the main bodyshell :cheers
That looks to be two separate pieces.

Is the new Lemans model from a new mold :confused

Looking at the GT3 & R models, the fold should start at the top of the rear light and not the bottom ;confused
oK. I'm still a little confused. From the answers I am getting ,I apprecate it alot, thanks, I guess what I am asking is about the panel that houses the 3rd brake light. On the new GT3's (including the GT3RS) these are new or upgraded molds.This panel is a seperate piece and is removable.On the older GT3's and the original GT3R this panel is part of the molded body and is not removeable. Reason being for the question is,the Cupcar I was building, I am having problems with the rear deck lid and this panel.The hinges for the decklid on the R will not fit on the RS body,because of this new mold and different arrangement.I was thinking about purchasing the upgraded GT3R so I could use those parts(deck lid & 3rd brk lgt panel) but since it seems tobe the same as the original no need to.I will just have to make due with what I have and modify it somehow.The original R's decklid hinges are longer and will not fit under that panel ,as the deck lid on the newer mold mounts under it,not like the old mold from under the interior tub. thanks guys ,any suggestions ? I'm open 911boy
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Charlie, you royally confused me :lol

The third brake light is part of the mold if I am understanding your question right :feedback
Sorry Darrick, You just gave me the answer thanks Charlie
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