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got a new computer so i will be back abit more..

anyways question i wanted to ask
for my birthday i got a autoart hsv gts coupe from my brother inlaw anyways he had it on display for a while and well its got a bit of dust on it and a few finger prints (his son touched it a few times not sure with sticky fingers or what he got in twuble for it) but i wanted to bring it up to new looking..
can i use polish on it e.g. car polish

i was wondering about using

meguirars deep crystal wet-look polymer sealant polish
on it or

T-cut "the original colour retorer" polish

can i use 1 of these? or is it wise not to use car polish on model cars?
i also want to give my autoart hsv vt clubsport a new look at life also as it got a bit of dust from neglect when i was neally over it with model cars but now i am back :p

anways could someone please help me here...

thank you in advance..


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I'm not sure of the Meguire products(I use Autoglym on my 1:1 and diecast). I've waxed my cars with no ill effects(even racers with tampo print).

I've also used a fine "cut polish" on my plain road/street cars w/out probs(Exoto, AUTOart and Minichamps models). If in doubt, always try a small area first.

You should be more than able to restore the paint to it's original(if not better) shine.

Good luck and enjoy. I find this chore very therapeutic. :cheers :giggle

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I have used Zymol Cleaner wax. I think it's the best wax around, use it on my 1:1 car as well. As with any wax or heavy dusting, just be careful if you have like the car name as raised foil or photo etch, as heavy back and forth motions could remove that. I think it brings out an awesome finish on the cars...


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Using Meguairs Products is safe, it is what I currently use on my models. I would say just about polish is fine as long as it is not an abrasive one like turtle wax.

Its been a long time since I used Zymol, I used to use it on my 1:1 and I absolutely loved the smell.
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