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Question about Porsche 962L

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I am ready to place an order.
1. Porsche 962L, the "Rothmans" one
2. Porsche 917/10 Can-Am, the G. Follmer one :cool
3. BMW 645 Ci from Kyosho
4. The new Boxster S from AUTOart
5. the BMW Z8 from AUTOart as well.

I'm interested on peeling off the "Racing" decals in the 962 so that at least some Rothmans logos can be read.

I have read that the rear wing decal and the ones on the sides are removable .

I use to remove the residues of the adhesive stamps (I mean the circular ones i.e. on the UT models on the trunk that prevent the moving parts from opening) with adhesive tape.

I stick the tape on the residue (I hope you understand what I mean, the remainders of the adhesive material, if the circular stamps do not peel perfectly) and by removing it (sticking the tape out), some of the residue gradually glues to the adhesive tape. By repeating this procedure, all the residues can be removed perfectly.

Question is: Will this work with the "Racing" Decals on the 962??? :confused :confused

Thanks in advance.
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Excell, I don't have the model to give you an absolute answer, but I think your proposed method won't work. You'll have to physically peel it off or use some kind of solvent to unglue it. Some people are using acetone-free nail polish remover (if you use acetone it will damage the plastic).
Excell, the tape method you propose WILL work because that is how I removed the RACING decals on my 956L. I used clear shipping tape (the kind that goes into the handheld dispenser used for sealing boxes). I cut a small piece and carefully applied it on top of the decal, taking care to avoid neighboring images I wanted to keep. I burnished the tape into the decal with the wood end of a paint brush, and then carefully pulled on the tape. On several decals I had to repeat the process...

A warning... some of the decals are connected together, and you'll have to separate them with a scalpel or sharp hobby knife before removing, or they all will come up.

If you take your time and use patience, the job will turn out great! Good luck!

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Jeff, nice to know it works with the tape. I'm sure it would be the cleanest way to remove the decals. I wouldn't be very comfortable using solvent anyway.
Thats a very good idea to remove the stickers off the AAs Excell.
Jeff that porsche looks great with the actual livery. There is this brave soul in diecast.org forum18 who wants to convert the no. 3 car to no. 1.
I'm not the guy at Scale18, but I do have an extra 'Racing' model and a set of Patto's decals, with the intent of producing the no. 1 car. The challenge will be successfully removing the number 3 from the front and sides, as it is tampo printed and not a decal. Most if not all of the other required markings are the same as for the no. 3 car. I am still studying the problem, and haven't started the conversion yet. Stay tuned...
Dr.Jeff! I didn't realise you had already converted your 956! It looks superb! I have the correct decals on the way from Pattos place (my first order from him so I'm really keen to see how they turn out!) so I hope to do a good job on it.

Happily I noted the "Racing" 956 I just got in the mail yesterday (I got it off German eBay) has the tampo printed Rothmans on the rear wing and on the sides so less work for me to do! I must take some pics of it tomorrow! :cheers
:woohoo Just got mine as well, and about to start to take off the decals.

I'm doing just the side and the rear wing, then will track done the others
Is pattos place where to get the other decals from? as he is local to me.

Thanks for posting them photos Jeff, also Johny's & Tom's photos made me bite the bullet on this one.

Ok off to work I go :giggle .

I am ready to place an order.
1. Porsche 962L, the "Rothmans" one

962? The #3 is 1983 956 and upcoming #1 is 1982 956!!! The only 962 is the "Shell" one made by Universal Hobbies/Eagles Collectibles whic is, in my opinion, terrible.
Exoto plans to produce 962 in future.
lazard I think he meant to type 956L, it was a little typo thats all.
I make alot of them :giggle need a forum with a spell checker :lol
The tail was very easy, see photo.

The sides need a little more work, but all came off okay.

very happy, Just have to do the rest when i order some decals.

Nice job Mike - so far so good. :wink
:cheers Richard, I could not of done it without that e-mail you sent me, Thanks again.
I´m also thinking of buying this car since I recently bought the Kenwood Car. I just have a small question: Are all the rothmans decals underneath the racing ones or do I need to buy a decal sheet?
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