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question about the Kyosho V12 LMR

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hiya all,

I've got some questions about the Kyosho V12 LMR model.

The one with the engine detail and removable cowling is ONLY #17 right? Yet the #15 was the Le Mans winner? But the #15 Kyosho has no cowling opening?

If I had a choice between the Kyosho #17 V12 LMR or the AUTOart #2 Toyota GT-one, which should I choose?

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Toyota all the way :cheers
:iagree Another vote for the Toy. :cheers
What I understand is that the #15 Le Mans winner had two releases. The earlier one did NOT have a removable engine cowl where as the later release did. Maisto makes a very nice #15 with a removal cowl. I bought mine from a local Zellers in Toronto ~2 years ago for C$28.88 which was very good value for the details on the car. I'm sure the Kyosho equivalent would go for nothing less than C$60. Granted, the Kyosho has slicks and the engine is a wee bit better detailed. But given the choice between the Kyosho #17 (assuming it has a removable cowl) and AUTOart GT-One, I'd go for the latter. This assumes the GT-One can be bought for ~US$45-50.
ya, I'm 100% sure that the V12 that I saw has an opening cowling. However, I don't remember the #. Stupid me.

I'm guessing the GT-one will cost me $80CDN. Is that too much for it? If it's too much, I'm gonna blow that money on one of the Kyosho Ferraris...
To add a little fuel to the want of the V12 :giggle you can Get the #42 (no beck decals though :pullhair ) for $57.75 cdn + tax & shipping. Also the Jenny Holzer Art Car for :scared $198.50 cdn + tax & shipping :waiting
I own the #15 and #42 Kyosho LMRs (with removable engine cowl), the Maisto #15 LMR, and all six AUTOart Toyota GT1s... I would put my money toward the AUTOart Toyota... :cheers
:shipwrecked Oops I ment to say that you can get them through your local BMW dealer! I don't think you cangett them anywhereother then there,,,,,,but I not sure :tempted 100% :tempted
thank you all for your valuable input!

I guess the AUTOart Toyota it is then. But does anyone think $80cdn is too steep? To put it in perspective, I usually buy AUTOart Milleniums for 100, and just bought the Kyosho Ferrari Competizone for $80...
It's all supply and demand. Right now there don't seem to be many GT1s on eBay, so demand may outstrip supply and prices may be high. I purchased several of my GT1s for less than $50 USD but that may reflect the situation before the recent AUTOart price increase. in my humble opinion the GT1 is Millennium quality...
coolness! Thanks!
I guess I'll be picking up the GT-one then. Hopefully the owner gives me a better deal than $80...
I believe Felix is right. The earlier Kyosho LMR did not have the removeable cowl, but the latter version did.

I do have 3 of 4 LMR's. #15, #17 and #42 and they do all have removeable cowls. I did in fact have the non-removeable cowl version, but sold it when I got ita s it was not the removeable version.

If you look and are patient, you might be able to pick these up reasonably cheap from Ebay. I paid approx(but no more than) $100US including shipping for all 3.

BTW - the Maisto version is nicely done and if you need to have one right away, while you wait to find the better Kyosho, do so as you won't be disappointed. Then you can convert your Maisto to a 1/18 "test car". :cheers
whoa, 100 for all 3? That's cheap. I guess I'm gonna look on ebay for the V12's then. Thanks!
I have the Maisto V12 LMR. It is very well done for its price. So, I would go for the toyota. Also, I think the toyota is more detailed than the kyosho V12 LMR.

I should have bought one when I had the chance.... :cry
BTW - the Maisto version is nicely done and if you need to have one right away, while you wait to find the better Kyosho, do so as you won't be disappointed. Then you can convert your Maisto to a 1/18 "test car".
Now you gone and done it Mike .

Nothing like the mention of a "Test car" to get old Maxi P running for his NPR :lol :lol
I did see that and think Hmmmmmmm :giggle
i would get the toyota. as for the price, i think it's about right for it this time around. though a year or two ago the prices of the toyota gt1s saw a sudden drop. now it's climbing rapidly and some mirrors the prices of millennium Aas. 80, that's a good price in my opinion! :mine
It's actually pretty easy to do. One thing though, if you use a Q-tip/cotton swab, wrap the end tightly before removing the silver pinstripes around the hood tampo's.

I'm hgopefully going to get the decals done soon for this and if I do, I can let you know. I think the only other real difference is to paint the mirrors white. I have only a few reference shots of this car, so my material is somewhat ltd.

BTW - Gundam, I think the #17 LMR is a tad harder to find than the #15, b/c the #15 was the winner and I think they made few more of them, compared to the #17 car. Either way though, you won't be disappointed with either. :cheers
I'm going to get the GT-one, as soon as I get more money... I'm sooooo poor right now from my recent purchases.

And I checked, the GT-one turned out to be #3! The one which came in second, right? And it was co-driven by the crazy king of drifting, Keichi Tsuchiya! WOOTNESS! :happy
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