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Question for all customizers...

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I know we have a few customizers on board who love to show their, thank you as I love looking at it :giggle

I keep all my custom on the very top of my cabinets in 1:18 cases as I like to display them separately. I am looking at them right now and tried to figure out which I like the best. :tempted

Really couldn't pick just one so I chose these two.

Which of your very own custom pieces do you like the best :feedback

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Those look sweet, Darrick. Do you have any "before" shots for comparison?

Here is a before of the MB SLR, I don't have any before pics of the Enzo.

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I love all my customs. The only problem is I have too many to display and most still need some work!

One of my favourites is the lifted ram in my signiture. I would like to redo the front suspension on that too!
I also have some moded F40's, a targa, complete roof chop (inspired by one that Allan Model did) and I'm working on some racers too. I don't have any picts of them in a suitible state to show though. I am hoping to get into some serious modding this summer! (I am in the Southern Hemisphere!)

Thanks, Darrick. I like that new color for the interior!
That SLR looks awesome! :tongue
How did you take apart your SLR to get ot the interior, Darrick? I've tried with mine but I can only remove one screw and I don't want to risk breaking the model. :feedback
My proudest custom work is the work that I did on my Dodge Charger. Although I made no body mods, I'm really happy with how the engine bay and interior turned out after working on them.


Engine bay before

Engine bay after

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My proudest work is this GT2. So many things are changed or painted.
Nearly all parts.
I will do the same work with other rims and double pipe exhaust.
Still waiting for a GT2.

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Both of these took alot of work to finish. The EXT won't look like this soon, its going in for more work but the Supra still looks this way. I still love my Autoart Murcielago more than anything even though I only put on new rims.

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My favorite custom sofar is my '89 MB 500SL. I didn't really start customizing my diecast until '02 ...(just maybe a dark wash here and there)
Here are two of my cars that I will never sell.

The first is an Ertl 275 GTB/4 . It was origianlly white. I repainted it yellow and added the front & rear suspension from a Hot Wheels 365 GTS/4 .
The second is an Ertl 1970 Chevelle Street Machine. It was originally purple. I repainted it silver and added wheels from the YM Gasser vette.

View attachment 11576
View attachment 11577
my fav custom was my walkinshaw limousine, there was a heck of alot of work in it, and i said i would never sell it then one day i had it on display in my local model shop and was offered au$2000 for it. it was a hard decission, but i have all the moulds for the interior and side panels etc if i do decide to make another one for my collection.
as for my other customs, they are still scattered around the place till i get my cabinet to display them
How did you do the wheels on the SLR so well?

The SLR looks great!
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