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Question on HotWheels 1:18 Ferraris

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I have what I hope is a simple question.
Why is it that, on eBay, I can find a HotWheels 550 Barchetta Pininfarina, for example, for as little as ten bucks, but the 250 GT Lusso won't drop below 25 or so?

I understand that the Hot Wheels 288 GTO was made in small numbers and high quality, which explains the high price it regularly commands. Was the Barchetta made in greater numbers, or lower quality, or what's the story?
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I don't have any idea on production numbers but I do know that the stores were flooded with 550's about 18 months ago.
Big Lots was selling Hot Wheels Ferraris for $10 then and I will bet that 25-30% of them were 550's. I have yet to see the Lusso in any local stores so there must be a strong demand and/or a low supply of them.

Lots of 550's=low price
Not many Lussos= higher price.

The 550 is typical Hot Wheels detail which I am sad to say not great.
The 333 and the 250 GTO are supposed to be re-released this summer.
I am also waiting to get the GTO as I only have the Bburago :giggle

The funny thing about Hot Wheels's Ferrari's is the fact that in spite of everyone complaining about them, most of the models are kind of hard to find. You have to figure that Mattel pumped these things out by the tens of thousands yet a surprising number of cars are nowhere to be found?

Big Lots is a closeout store that sells everything from furniture to diapers.
What they have one week will be gone the next.
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