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I've done some searching on the internet on the BMW V12 LMR that won at Sebring in 1999 (aka Beck) to see if the Kyosho is true to the real car. What I found confused me.

As far as I know, there are two Kyosho releases: the dealer ed and the regular release. Two major difference: The dealer ed has front winglets and the front fender has slots through the wheel well (I apologise for not knowing for what the proper terminology :p). Here's a pic of what I'm talking about:

Source: lugnutsracing.com

I've tried to find some pics of the actual car that won at Sebring and I couldn't come up with much. I've found pictures of Beck #42 LMR with winglets. I've also found a Beck looking #42 without winglet (it wasn't Dell LMR either!) but was missing all the Beck sponsorship.

Then I went to my usual reference site, racingsportscars.com, and found this picture. Note that the mirrors are white and not red like the Kyosho!

Source: racingsportscars.com

Can some tell me whether or not the Beck LMR has ran WITHOUT the winglets at some point during the 1999 ALMS season? Or would it be in practice that the Beck LMR didn't have the winglets on? Anyone else have pics of the Beck LMR from 1999 Sebring? I basically want to know whether the dealer ed or the regular release is more accurate.

Sorry if this has been asked before.

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I was reading info off some site (can't recall which) that showed the front of an Aston Martin DBR9. The front of the car was set up very differently for Sebring vs. Le Mans. For Sebring, the nose design allowed for more downforce on the front of the car and the fenders were vented with those slots about the wheels and had winglets ( click ). On the other hand, for the Le Mans track where the speeds are much higher, AM used a front that had less downforce and no vents in the fenders nor winglets ( click ).

So, it *might* be possible that the "Becks" can had different body panels and was winged/wingless depending on what track the car raced at on a particular weekend. I'll let you do the rest of the research. :giggle

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Thanks for the response guys. :cheers

If I understand it correctly, BOTH the dealer ed and the regular Kyosho release were marketting as the 1999 Sebring winner; which boils it down to one single race. Therefore, they can't be 'correct' at the same time. So my question would be: Which of the Kyoshos is true to the actual BMW LMR that ran at Sebring in 1999? Can BOTH be wrong? (I hope not).
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