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Quick ??? for the painters...

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I'm trying figue the best paint curing method.

I have seen some have access to 1:1 booths which is always going to be the best solution

I'm trying to figure which is better, a natural cure or a heated cure. I have used best and think the heat is better for me considering I'm not that good at wet sanding a model once painted.

I currently use a B&D mini heat gun which seems to work extremely well. It has two settings, hot and hotter. ;-) Both blow at the same speed so there is no difference in force. I normally start out on hot and blow any excess paint off the model and this also allows for better spreading of the paint as well. Once I have a smooth surface, I use the hotter setting to get it dry/stick in preparation for another coat which is usually lighter than the first coating (which is usually heavy). After getting the second coat on I repeat the first process using the same settings on the heat gun.

I know there is no one method, I'm just more curious to know what the painters are using to get that smooth look while the paint is curing. :?: :?:
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I have re painted entirely (spray) two of my models, and allowed both to cure naturally and have had great results.

I have however, used a small halogen lamp that puts off alot of heat to dry small plastic trim parts that I have brushed quicker, and I've actually had better results with that in regards to metallic colors I've brushed on...hope this helps!

Natural curing works for me. I just paint it and bring it inside the house and put a shield over it. Works like a factory. ;-)
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