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Quick note to all...

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I have recieved a ton of emails today, and unfortunately I'm not in a position to get back to them all in a timely manner as I have a few other things going on.

I have glanced through them all and plan on responding to each and everyone of them with a quality answer and/or comment.

If you have a request, you can post it in the appropriate forum and either myself or one of the Ringers will gladly get to it as soon as we spot it.

If you need help with forum features, click on the Help icon and there you will find some tutorials.

If you have something of a more urgent need, either I have temporarily resolved and/or will resolve it to full satisfaction in a diligent manner in a matter of time.

If I owe you a pm, I will get back with you as well.

If your just wanting to chat, I'll get back with you as well :lol

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You must be a popular guy. Maybe I should send you an PM too. :giggle j/k!!
DiecastX said:

Your last on the list,


Your behind Jeff

:lol :lol
Let me get this right....if Jeff is truly last in line, I can't really be 'behind' him now can I?? :giggle :confused And as I recall, the most recent PM surfaces to the top of the list. (not that I would send you one right now) :giggle
RichardM said:
01monte said:
I am staying out of this one....being a newbie I do not want to make anyone mad.... :happy
Feel free to antagonise LUW or Felix. No, please - I insist. :cheers
Who me?????
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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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