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Quick question about BMW's...

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I would like to pick up an M3 as a gift. I am not familiar with these cars specs nor differences from year to year.


What year is AUTOart's version of the M3? I am looking for a scale model of a 2003.


In comparison, which do you prefer the AUTOart's M3 or Kyosho's street version...

Thanks in advance.

Wasn't sure of the year, but its a 2003.
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Im not sure I can help with your first Q but as for the second I would say go for the AUTOart M3. Ive seen the kyosho M3 several times in person and its not all as lively and crisp as the AUTOart. Even though I would take either. :cheers All in all IM sure you can't go wrong with the AUTOart version.
Darrick - I think that both the AUTOart and Kyosho versions are model year 2001. However there are no distinct differences between a 2001 and 2003 car. Off the top of my head the only thing i can think about is the Satnav/GPS screen on a 2003 MY is widescreen, but this isn't really something you would notice on a 1:18.

I own 2 Kyosho cabrios and 2 AUTOart CSLs, as for which is the best - I don't know, they are both good!

the kyosho ones have static brake disc's where the autoart m3 have moving ones.
Hey Darrick,

I don't think the model years changed much. There is the CSL model as well. I had the silver with blue interior M3 coupe from Kyosho as well as the red convertible, and I have to tell you that that red convertible is absolutely stunning (Al has this beauty now). Don't know if you want the convert, but either way, I'm gonna point you toward Kyosho.

I think their detail and heftyness and quality is superior. Go for the Kyosho.

Good luck and I know the person who is receiving this gift will be very very appreciative either way.
Thanks for the information.

Can anyone tell me if either model has a year stamped on the bottom of the car or either the box?
The AUTOart just say's BMW E46 M3, and the Kyosho just say's BMW 3 series :cheers
Thanks Justin :cheers
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