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RattlerGUNZ's Collection

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my full bookcase :giggle

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:drool is more like it. Love the orange Mac.

For some odd reason either my monitor or video card is acting up on me (darkens the pictures quite a bit). So what's the first car in the shot of the Porsches and Enzos?
its an EVO VI by AUTOart
R-GUNZ...your full bookcase brings a huge smile to my face. I like your taste in cars! :happy :happy :happy
Should call that the snake pit. :lol
Very nice RG. :cheers
Mean collection of Vipers you have. :nicejob
:thanks SH, SF, RM, LUW


Vipers are MEAN
WOW, that's what you call "comprehensive." :nicejob
I like the black background :nicejob
Nice models too. :happy
Thanks Speedfiend, vovka :cheers :cheers

the black background is a 72" MYLEX BOOKCASE from STAPLES :giggle
There will be a new addition to my Snake Den, a BLACK LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH 5000S from AUTOart. I won it on ebay last night for $52.50[bid + shipping]. When i get it, i'll post a few pictures. :danbanna :danbanna :danbanna :danbanna :happy :happy :happy

this is the pic from ebay

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Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection with us.
RattlerGUNZ said:
@RattlerGUNZ: This is a 'must have' for me.

How is the interior?? I don't know which model i realy want (AUTOart or Kyosho)?
Damn, looks very :cool1 :nutkick
Thanks DX and MichamelXP :cheers :cheers

MichamelXP - I dont have it yet :giggle maybe someone on this forum has it, you might need to look at LAMBORGHINI day's picz :cheers :cheers
btw this lamb at my local shop goes for 100$ + taxes
Terrific looking collection! :nicejob
OMG so many sexy Viper GTS-R's :drool
The other cars are nice too :tongue
Thanks Venom :cheers
Becareful Venom once you get bitten, you need the set :lol
montreal :cool , hmmmm :confused , I think I might make a visit & pic me up a viper or 2 or 3 or 4 or,, :lol ,,,,, who am I kidding, THAT IS AWESOME :happy ! I want them all!! :cry !! :cheers
Great collection RG I must say :nicejob :nicejob , yes they are nice vipers your so right johny.
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