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RAUH-Welt WIP - 964 & 993 - Completed

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So, I've started yet another project. I have the attention span of a 6-year-old.

I really enjoyed my first RWB build, a 993. and it's pretty much wrapped up and ready for paint, which is months away.
This time I started out with a Well 964 turbo, It's a great model, and my first Welly. Unfortunately, it was pretty much straight out of the box and into the paint stripper.
I managed to get one image before the carnage. A shotty phone pic from the office.

Dismantled and organized at home that night.

And after the easiest paint stripping to date. Took all of about 45 minutes.

Fenders marked out for putty

At this point I took the grinder to open up the wheel wells a bit, then attached the trusty paper towel roll as a template.

On with the JB Weld SteelStik

***A brief pause for a somewhat related tangent***

I purchased a Jada R32 GTR in the hopes of snagging the Work Meisters for the project, but as I should have known, they were far too big.

I ended up taking them off anyway and throwing on some wheels from a 911 GT1

The monster Works will end up on an SLS, probably.

***Back to the RWB build***

After the first round of Dremel grinding, filing and 220 grit sandpaper. I went too far in a few spots.

Working a bit more on the front bumper. Extended the width to meet the new arches, and pulled the whole thing lower. I cut out the grill and opened it up a bit. I'll be putting in a piece of styrene for the centre, adding a GT2 front blade from Legende Miniatures (again), and filling in the plate holder with some Milliput. also working on some decal sheets. I forgot to buy decal bonder, so this part will have to wait a bit longer.
(Guys! Milliput is awesome! I feel like I've wasted so much time having not used this stuff before.)

I'm going to keep this interior pretty stock, with the exception of racing seats. I tried flocking for the first time, and while it isn't even close to perfect. it was a lot of fun. Really impressed that the door panels are 2 separate pieces.

That's it for now. Still waiting for some more parts to come in, and I need to order some more rims, but this one is moving along. Hopefully it will end up looking something like this guy.
Minus the red, maybe.

(Image source: http://lowdaily.ru/2...e-end-of-works/) and a nice gallery of the final product, that I'm using for reference: http://lowdaily.ru/2...-911-964-first/)

Hope you guys enjoy!
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I figured that would be a better way to go. Awesome, thanks. I'll keep an eye out. Great minds think alike
Thanks a lot, gentlemen. Means a lot coming from you guys.
I'll do my best to stay on track and keep you updated.
where did you get the decal sheet? i need one for my 993
I'm building it up in Photoshop. It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty convincing. I'll let you know how it goes after I get them on the decal sheet. (Never made these things before)
Maybe I can send you one.
So a quick/small update to keep me motivated.

Got some work done on the sideskirts, and the front bumper.
I'm falling deeply in love with Milliput. Need to get my hands on the different grades next.

Here's some pics.

Still lots of sanding and finesse ahead.

Hopefully the parts will arrive in the next few days. I'll be chopping up a GT2 wing and splicing it to the 964 spoiler base. I'm hoping it's a relatively smooth process.

Take it easy!

that would be sweet, are you gonna make the idlers tyre decals in white? or are they stencils that you spray over?

what base model did you use for the 993?
I have no idea how I'm going to achieve the white idler decals. I just ordered a sheet of random tire decals from Germany to see if I can replicate their process. I have a few ideas, using a grey outline on white decal paper. Who knows. I'll keep you updated.

I started with a UT #90 GT2 Evo.
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thats 1 fat batty
That's how I like 'em.

Everyone else, thanks a lot!

So. I got in another shipment from Phillipe at Legende, and started chopping right away. Then figured I should take a picture before the spoiler falls apart completely.

Attempt no. 1 was to cut out the GT2 grill and use the stock 964 grill, thanks to baris41.
I tried to keep it together with superglue and milliput, but milliput took too long to set.

Attempt no. 2 was to apologize to JB Weld SteelStik and use some of that instead.

One of the parts I had ordered was a GT2 Front blade, that I didn't end up using for a couple reasons. It was too narrow (quite obviously) and it was paper thin.
so I used the part as a template to make my own. It's good for now, but needs so putty to give it depth.

Here's a couple more pics of where it is now.

With it's brother.

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the best I've ever seen!
Ahh, thank you kindly. But there is far better out there. Some insane talent in this forum. I love it here.
Small updates, as work has been insane recently.A few more things I'm excited about in the mail. But here's a few pics anyway. Definitely the last before primer pics, I promise.

Got a bit of work done on the front lip. I had planned on using the rubber strip effect afterward, but after checking reference, I need to just add another layer of styrene under what is there already. '

Carved out the mold/gasket(?) line the separates the bumper and fender.

Some finesse filler on the rear spoiler.

And since we're on the topic of RAUH-Welt, I figure I would add any updates for my 993 build to this thread.
Finally tackled my fear of this rubber lip piece. I sanded down from 2mm styrene to get a roundish profile, and bent and glued in stages to incrementally reach the curvature of the bumper.
What that means is, I absolutely covered myself and the parts in super glue and eventually its dried in a decent shape.

Then I tacked it on.

I figure I'll paint the whole thing body color, and then come back with a flat black and rivets rather than risking the paint by gluing on afterward.

Also got the initial rocker panel flares cut out.
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I built it. Shortly after the transkit became available.
You're right, the front lip is a bit long. Though, I was using this as a reference. I'm not concerned enough about it to pull it back. lol.

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Thanks guys.
I'm still struggling with paint for these things. Part of me wants to continue with a white Porsche theme, have both of them in that grey, or the 993 in grey and 964 in red, but I'm not a fan of red cars, typically.

I ordered some tire decals from a seller in Germany, (thanks to Thorst for the tip)
It's not an 'idlers' logo, but it's pretty sweet nonetheless.

I went nuts on other models too. So, excuse the off topic pics for a few seconds.

Trying to get my hands on another sheet, as this stuff is super frustrating, but hugely rewarding. (And easy to undo which is important)

Anyway, back to the incremental progress on the 964. I got some primer on today. Not nearly as much clean up work as I was expecting. Coming along rather nicely aside from a few Dremel gauges and a few touch ups.

Hopefully we'll see some warmer days in the near future.
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Nice.. where did you bought the tire decals ?
I got them from this seller, but they aren't listed in his store anymore. I'm trying to get a hold of him to order more.
haha yea i did tyre lettering on my 1:1 and loved it. immediately a race car!

looking good. cant believe how good your handmade kit looks, respect.

someone should make idlers tyre decals though haha and any news on your decal sheet?
Thanks a lot, man.
Still haven't had a chance to get decal bonder, and I'm hesitant to print a sheet without it.
You'll be the first to know how it turns out.
Holy crap, that's awesome. Whats your connection to the project he was working on? Any pics of the build?
A boot off topic but does the front end of the AUTOart Diablo GTR detach as it appears to in your pics?
I have no idea, both of mine are Hotwheels. One day I'll find a nice price on an orange Autoart.
Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
any news on your decal sheet?
Hey Seby,

Got around to trying out the decal sheets and it was a nightmare. Clear sheets have a terrible issue with opacity and the white sheets are nearly impossible to clean up afterward.
At this point, outlook is dim. I may try to outsource my sheet and have the professionals take care of it.

Ink bleed ruined the window liner. My last hope is that the printer I was using was too advanced (choice of matte/vs photo ink) I'm gonna waste the remaining sheets on my back up printer to see if the simpler tools make more sense. But I'm not holding my breath.

Image uploading. Refresh page to view
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Man, you're so skilled... Your projects are really insane!!!

Love the rubber letters too...

Thanks a lot, Skotch! Means a lot.

I've been playing around with some 3D printing at the office lately, trying to get some new wheels.
I bought a few models from Turbosquid and went straight to printing. Work Meister S1 and Rota P45R were the first trials

Excitement level high.

Let the machine do its thing over night, and this is how it looked.

The models were based on 1:1 dimension, obviously. Taking the barrel thickness down 18 times led to a paper thin build. Using the water jet to clean off the support material basically destroyed the entire rim.

Though, as a first attempt, it could have been worse. The face of the rims came out very well,. So I jumped into Maya to fumble around until I got a more solid barrel design,
Figured I would make front and rear dish versions while I was at it. And then I'll try to drop the P45R face into this model to solidify things.

Should go to print tonight. I'm looking forward to it.

Update: Here's the P45R
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They're 28mm, but still in the tweaking phase. To make different sizes, I'm just gonna scale the print. Not worth the effort to model/scale around the lugs for a few mm difference either way.
I'll see what I can do. Definitely won't be making these on any small or large scale runs. This thing is at my office, meaning I don't have much control over how often I can print or the amount of material I can use.
Who knows, depending on how well these turn out, I'll see if buying my own resin/material makes sense.
Thanks dude. Right now, I'm using the Objet 30 Pro. But I'll be trying another batch on the
Replicator 2 at some point.
Really great job on the 993!

Maybe do you know if spoiler fits on UT model Porsche GT2 ? ( upper one )..

I'am thinking to make GT2 Evo version from my normal GT2..
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a direct copy of the GT2 wing.
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