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RAUH-Welt WIP - 964 & 993 - Completed

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So, I've started yet another project. I have the attention span of a 6-year-old.

I really enjoyed my first RWB build, a 993. and it's pretty much wrapped up and ready for paint, which is months away.
This time I started out with a Well 964 turbo, It's a great model, and my first Welly. Unfortunately, it was pretty much straight out of the box and into the paint stripper.
I managed to get one image before the carnage. A shotty phone pic from the office.

Dismantled and organized at home that night.

And after the easiest paint stripping to date. Took all of about 45 minutes.

Fenders marked out for putty

At this point I took the grinder to open up the wheel wells a bit, then attached the trusty paper towel roll as a template.

On with the JB Weld SteelStik

***A brief pause for a somewhat related tangent***

I purchased a Jada R32 GTR in the hopes of snagging the Work Meisters for the project, but as I should have known, they were far too big.

I ended up taking them off anyway and throwing on some wheels from a 911 GT1

The monster Works will end up on an SLS, probably.

***Back to the RWB build***

After the first round of Dremel grinding, filing and 220 grit sandpaper. I went too far in a few spots.

Working a bit more on the front bumper. Extended the width to meet the new arches, and pulled the whole thing lower. I cut out the grill and opened it up a bit. I'll be putting in a piece of styrene for the centre, adding a GT2 front blade from Legende Miniatures (again), and filling in the plate holder with some Milliput. also working on some decal sheets. I forgot to buy decal bonder, so this part will have to wait a bit longer.
(Guys! Milliput is awesome! I feel like I've wasted so much time having not used this stuff before.)

I'm going to keep this interior pretty stock, with the exception of racing seats. I tried flocking for the first time, and while it isn't even close to perfect. it was a lot of fun. Really impressed that the door panels are 2 separate pieces.

That's it for now. Still waiting for some more parts to come in, and I need to order some more rims, but this one is moving along. Hopefully it will end up looking something like this guy.
Minus the red, maybe.

(Image source: http://lowdaily.ru/2...e-end-of-works/) and a nice gallery of the final product, that I'm using for reference: http://lowdaily.ru/2...-911-964-first/)

Hope you guys enjoy!
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They're 1:18 and they aren't for sale. If they were, $90 wouldn't even be close.
Great pair! They should be at least $900 each.
1 - 2 of 165 Posts
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