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I forget who posted the fact they didn't put the rear engine cover on there Exoto Sauber C9's (I think it was Benjamin and Tom), this counts the Michelin, AEG, Kouros and Presentation car not the Le-Mans entrants.

I think that the problem is the gap between the rear wing and the rear wheels was too small to slip the rear engine cover in between them, fearfull of causing damage.

But i thought of a solution.

Take the rear wheels off and the engine cover doesn't need to fit in that small gap between the rear wheels and the Wing, and it should go on great without the rear wing Support from bending, or even breaking.

Just a tip that came to me last night that i thought i could share with everyone, hope it does come in handy with anyone encountering this problem.

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I had that problem but managed to squeeze on the cover without any damage. You would think they would provide some instructions or tips! Or at least provide the spoiler detached and then allow you to attach it.
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