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It was Airfix models that got me into this insane game in the first place!!
The Hurricane, Spit, Messerschmidts and then the armadas of British and German
war ships .... then progressed to Monogram cars and that was it, hooked, lined and sunk !!!!:lol

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I can remember when people addressed others older than them with sir and ma'am. I don't know why it is so difficult for my kids to understand the concept of respecting older ones. They're good kids but I can't seem to impress on them enough that when an older person asks you a question like "Are you enjoying your summer?" you don't respond with "Yeah." You respond with a smile and "Yes Ma'am, I am!"

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Remember when a horror movie was actually suspenseful and didn't consist of a string of on-screen autopsies?

Remember when a car chase in a movie was a exciting surprise rather than a cliche?

Remember when you didn't need to take out a personal loan to pay for concessions at a movie?

Remember when movies actually had PLOTS and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?

Remember when studios assumed that most of their audience was over the age of 15?

Remember when studios wanted to appeal to a larger audience, they made the move BETTER rather than DUMBER?

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Even if I'm young I remember when cartoons were funny and Disney wasn't full of 2 week old horse vomit a.k.a The Jonass Brothers or Hannah the Sl*t

I remember when Windows 98 was the bomb.

I remember that I knew how to use ms-dos on my parents old computer

I remember that I am a part of the last generation ( in Romania )( 1990-1995 ) that played outside in the dirt with cars and planes and stuff. And I'm proud.

I remember that I have 8 months until I can take my driving license exam
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