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removing glue stains from plastic

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Hiya all, I just noticed that my AUTOart Skyline GTR Z-tune has glue residue on the back bumper, on the plastic part. It's quite large, and I want to get rid of it. :pullhair

It looks like it's dried superglue, but since it's on plastic, I'm afraid of using alcohol or nail polish or anything of that type to remove it... Does anyone have any idea or method of safely removing the glue? It seems this problem is getting quite common on the GTR? Or is AUTOart's QC really slipping?
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You could try some lighter fluid on a Q-tip/cotton swab. I know it works fine on painted diecast w/out prob's. Try it in a less noticeable place first.

Also, when done, just wash the area down with a damp cloth to remove any possible residue. :cheers
Gary, ask your shop to exchange it if its possible. I have tried NPR on a plastic part and it ruined the paint and made the part sticky too.
thanks Mike! I'll try that! Now to get lighter fluid :giggle
You can also try to "crack" it out. When Superglue dries, it becomes like a hard plastic that doesn't adhere to plastic, so it can be cracked or chipped out. if the plastic is painted, the glue may take the paint with it. I don't know about lighter fluid, but acetone will eat plastic.
thanks for the heads up, Winston and Luciano.

Maybe I'll just leave it on there then... This is getting too dangerous :p
I would, but it's an ebay purchase. The seller was great about it, and refunded me a partial refund already. I didn't want a full refund because I'd be out the shipping fee... And beside the glue residue, the rest of the car is mint...
Have you tried using Tamiya rubbing compound?
i have the same problem with my EVO VII it looks like a small dried up glue on the window. afraid to try and take it off so i faced the model on the opposite way :giggle
You could try using an angle grinder. Just make sure you haven't had too many coffees before you start though.

Good luck,

SAWSALL!!!!!!!!!!!Try a sawsall to cut it off!!!!! the cut throu anything!!!!!! :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol
Thanks for all the tips everyone! :cheers

Tamiya rubbing compound? What is that normally intended for use for? Cause Tamiya stuff seems to be designed for plastic model kits (usually), so this sounds very viable... assuming I know what the heck it is :giggle
Tamiya rubbing compound is more or less a cut and polish, but specifcally designed for models. You can buy it in 3 grades : Coarse, Fine, and Finish. Any hobby shop will stock it. Coarse and Fine cost about $3-$4 and Finish is slightly dearer at $6-$7.
Thanks! Do you think I should use fine or finish? I'm assuming "Finish" is finer than fine?
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