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By Ivan d.

(Part number 2203, Released in mid 2002, Made in China)

Introduced at Frankfurt in 1963, the 600 was to become the ultimate luxury vehicle for the rich potentates and heads of state. It was powered by a 300 hp 6.3 liter V-8 engine with fuel injection and an overhead camshaft for each bank of cylinders. The 600 was available in two body styles, a 6-passenger limousine sedan (126-inch wheelbase) or an 8-passenger Pullman limousine on a 153.5-inch wheelbase.

One of the greatest models created by Mercedes Benz, it was designed to be the finest automobile ever built in regular production, regardless of cost. Now reproduced by Sunstar in 1:18 scale, in both Pullman and Landaulet European versions. It represents the 153.5-inch wheelbase version. I eagerly awaited this model to be available locally because I didn't want to pay for shipping as much as the cost of the model. But here it is after its initial introduction in mid-2002. The model comes in an elegant red box with a clear plastic window. It does not include a display base but comes with a stand.

I can't get over how distinctive this model looks. From a distance of over 6 feet the model looks quite grand. It is only at close range when the shortcomings are apparent: uneven body parts and rather disproportionate, plasticky interiors and toy-like chrome trim. Other than that, the model is a niece piece, worthy of display.


The model is painted in a deep, dark blue. The paint is thick and even throughout the model. No paint defects (spots, swirls, rough areas, etc) are found. I recommend this paint color and black, since they appear to hide the wide shutlines a lot better than the silver, white and gold models. Very good, close to perfect paint quality. 7/8


The model has too many panel gaps and they are all ill-fitted to one another. This defect is magnified by the fact that the model is a limousine with all doors opening, so again, buy the dark-colored models. Scale seems to be right on. At 11-3/4 inches and 2 pounds 10.6 ounces (1,210 grams), it is my largest Mercedes model now. Details are everywhere, including flag posts, chrome door handles, beautifully made wipers, air vents, lots of chrome trim, and that majestic front grille with a top-quality three-pointed star crown. Unfortunately, the grille is spoiled by the adjacent headlights, mounted on ugly attachment stubbs that makes the car look like a zombie. 4/8


The interior is a multi piece, multi color, well-detailed section with acceptable trim, which includes silver paint in the chrome parts (hand painted), simulated wood grain (tampo) and a nice molded dash with readable gauges. The pedals are molded into the plastic floor, but are painted black. The huge steering wheel is quite nice and the horn ring is separate from the steering wheel. All 4 doors open. No carpeting, felt or seatbelts are featured. For a $30.00 model, I just can't find any faults, other than the plasticky-looking molded plastic. 5/8


Tires are fairly accurate and well proportioned, but unbranded. The white walls give the car a luxurious touch of class. The wheel covers are well reproduced and color-coordinated. No faults there. No brake disks/pads are observable, so, no point in adding them to the model. I will not deduct points on that aspect. 3/6


The 6.3 V-8 is beautifully reproduced. Finally I get to see a 6.3 in a 1:18 scale model! It is a multipiece block made of plastic with other separate parts painted in their original color, such as the battery and the air conditioner compressor. The underside of the hood is not lined, but at least is well painted. The exhaust system, differential and cardam are separated from the chassis, and painted silver. Any wiring and plumbing is all molded. Detail is rather simple and a bit on the crude side. 8 small screws secure the bottom to the metal casting. The words "Sunstar, 1/18 scale, Mercedes-Benz 600 and Made in China" are molded in the plastic. 5/8


Hard to believe that it took so long for a manufacturer to make this model. It is made by Sunstar only. This is a sure winner, since it appeals to a wide range of collector subjects. Luckily this model is not only well made, but is also affordable. 6/6


6/6 'NOUGH SAID.... Ok Ok, I have to be objective. Give it a 5/6, just because it is not of excellent quality. Now I have quorum (at least 3) to make a new category: Limousines. Together with my Revell 300 SE and Maybach 57, the 600 will make a nice addition to that category. Soon I hope to add the Landaulet version. 5/6


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I have been looking at getting this model along with the laudulet version of it.It will look good with my 2 lincoln town car limos and the MB S500 pullman,ford excursion,new lincoln towncar and i know there is something else but sunstar will be coming out with those few and although i have only seen pics of the excursion i am hearing they are suppose to be sunstar best models yet.Lets hope thats true.
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