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GMC FC101 PICK-UP - 1950

Scale - 1/ 18

Make - Yatming


About GMC Trucks -

GMC, formally the GMC Division of General Motors LLC, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors (GM) that primarily focuses on trucks and utility vehicles. The brand started its life at 1908, and in 1912 the marque "GMC Truck" first appeared on vehicles exhibited at the New York International auto Show. Starting in 1920, GMC and Chevrolet trucks are virtually identical except for the grilles and nameplates, though their differences have varied over the years.

About GMC FC101 Pick-up Truck-

The First one of the GMC New Design series, GMC FC101 (F=1947-1950, C=cab behind engine) was similar to their Chevrolet counterparts more than ever.
GMC redesigned its trucks at 1948, like Chevrolet, adopting a cleaner, more contemporary appearance with the differences confined to minor variations in grille treatment, equipment, and mechanical specifications.

The post-war GMC trucks adopted a low-silhouette cab styling with a more car like interior and equipment level for better comfort & convenience, also better all round visibility by increasing the glass areas keeping the future year's market demands in mind.

An advertisement of the Post-war GMC Trucks -


Made by Yatming in scale 1: 18, it is one of the most detailed models I have seen among the budget models, except for the engine compartment, which brings some disappointment in this otherwise very fine model with all opening parts. This is my first truck or pick-up, and this model made me look forward to add some more to my vintage truck & commercial vehicle line-up.

As usual I have added photos of the original vehicle for the comparison.

Stance - 8/ 10

 Once again a very good work by Yatming in this field, and makes this model look amazing with all other details thrown in. I had to take this car outdoor, as the indoor photos would not do full justice to its beasty presence.

Exterior - 7/ 10

 Flawless paint and in dual tone colour schemes this truck looks even meaner than the photos of the 1: 1's I have seen.

 Excellent chrome treatment

 Good headlight and tail-light details - but suffers from the issue of visible stubs in them, like any other budget models.

 Separate fuel cap - though not open-able, but looks like it can.

 You can actually see through the grills

 The details in wheels, wheel-caps & tyres are very good

 Exhaust end is blunt - disappointing for a overall fine quality model

 The GMC logo is painted on the bonnet and the back

 The truck bed is nicely replicated with wood like texturing on brown plastic.

 The rear hatch locking mechanism is very ordinary, but still effective for holding it in place.

 Windscreen and rear window is perfectly replicated as per the 1: 1

 Single outside rear view mirror position and angling look correct as per the photos of the original vehicle

Interior - 7/ 10

 Very good detailing all around for a budget.

 The gauges are encircled with chrome finish, and beautifully replicated inside - though they have missed the glass for the gauges, but I guess that is intentional to show off the finer details.

 The vents look good, and as per the 1: 1 in the picture.

 Separate pedals and each one are well replicated

 Seat texture feels nice, and not those hard plastic seats we see in our everyday budgets

Floor is textured, but no carpet/ matts, not that I have expected that to be there.

Engine Bay - 6/ 10

 Though it is a block with full depth, where you can see all the way down - the engine compartment details are nothing to talk home about.

 I was a little apprehensive of the bright orange colour of the main block, but after I Googled the engine bay photos, I have realised that the colouring of the components are as per the original vehicle itself (Photo of the original vehicle engine bay attached for an easy comparison)

 Most mportant components like various chambers and pumps are though present and coloured in, the notable missing parts are some minor components, along with the wirings of the engine and some majors hoses and pipes.

Under-body - 8/ 10

 This is where this model really shines among all the budget models - probably the most beautiful under-body among all the budget cars I have, including the Wellys. The quality resonated with the likes of good Minichamps models.

 The exhaust and transmission are really very well detailed, separate pieces and perfectly linked (non-working joints though) - totally unexpected for a model of this price range.

 The suspension components are separate pieces here - not just like raised parts as most of the budgets sport.

 A small toolbox is present behind the right front wheel - nice touch! It is not openable though (remember it is a 35 Euros Yatming, not a 250 Euros of CMC)

 Part of the truck bed is visible from underneath

 The detailed spare wheel is neatly tucked under by a well replicated mounting system

 Part of fully coloured engine block is visible from below.

 Other small details like presence of various holders and other attachments are worth mentioning. Though not coloured in with metallic shades - but raised 3D pieces look very authentic, and nice to have for this price.



1. Good stance and well replication of exterior components and details of the truck

2. Plenty of good details to welcome you inside

3. Smaller details are very appreciable - like that of wheels and tyres, fuel cap, inside gauges

4. Amazing works at under-body of the vehicle - the most beautiful part of this truck


1. Engine bay misses some smaller components, the wiring, and also some major hoses and pipes

2. Rear locking mechanism - could be a little better and more authentic looking

3. Some may complain about the head and tail-light stubs - but I have accepted these shortcomings as the invariable components of all budget models out there.


I have sourced it locally from around INR 2500 (equivalent to roughly €35 Euros), and it is a nice model for the price. And the similar price I would have to pay if I would import it directly from international sites.

I have bought it mainly for a diorama I want to create with it, but if you love vintage trucks get this home if you can lay your hands on one for right price. Totally worth it for the price asked.

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Very nice looking model. Nice details, but what's with the wheels/tyres?!?!
. Are the tyres separate from the White walls?
Wheels are tyres look pretty much accurate wheen seen from sides compared to the 1:1, but the whitewall is somehow pasted on the tyre, and that thing looks pathetic from below, or in straight viws.

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Thanks for the review! It is a great looking truck! I agree about the cheap looking engine and wheel/tires. I am surprised how they did the wheels and tires, it would have been just as easy to manufacture and assemble it correctly!

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Thanks for the review! It is a great looking truck! I agree about the cheap looking engine and wheel/tires. I am surprised how they did the wheels and tires, it would have been just as easy to manufacture and assemble it correctly!
These are shortcomings of typical budget models, but im case of tyres Bburagos do better looking jobs than this thing. I have bought this because trucks of wartime and immediate post-war era are unfortunately not made by any good manufacturers.
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