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Rims question

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Does anyone know who makes rims like these (but silver, not gold):

Or maybe there is a model with these rims?
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i've seen similar racing spokes on the import racer models by jada, in particular the WRXs. Those look like they could be bbs or any manufacturer. those are pretty common to see around on 1:1 (at least where i live). but your best bet is probably something like bbs. if you want them for your model, get the import racer ones. keep in mind that the 1:24 import racer wheels are very SMALL on 1:18s. you might have to get the 1:18 IR model, but the wheels equate to being 22's or so. check out gafotes guide to wheels in the tutorial section. hope i helped...
Those are BBR rims. You can find them on Maisto and UT Porsches (GT1 and GT2).
or...what one of the mod gods said! there you are!!! i hope i didnt give you the wrong 411....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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