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One of my favorite action figures in my collection is this Robocop figure from the movie. He stands a whopping 15" and has 11 points of articulation.
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His right thigh has a compartment that holds his gun, just like in the movie.
His chest plate armor and helmet are removable. Pressing the 3 black buttons on his chest makes him say a few lines and some sound effects. I forget what they are and the batteries are dead. The red LED's light up as well.
The rear half of his head opens up to reveal his brain, although I don't remember seeing that in any of the 3 movies. Its been awhile so correct me if I'm wrong.
His left thigh opens up as well to reveal another compartment similar to the one for his gun. There is a small black disc/wheel looking thing. I don't remember it from the movies as well, but I'm going to take a wild guess that its some sort of grenade.
Lastly the shoulder plate and shin plate armor on the right hand side is removable to show some of the inner parts of the arm and leg.

BTW, his right hand also folds back and a spike can be moved out just like in the movie where he accesses the main police computer system.

I don't know who makes this model. I remember buying it at ToysRUS around 1996/97 for about $30.

Very cool, Jel! I didn't know you were into this stuff.
Thanks Luc, I actually have more action figures than I do diecast. Lots of Tom McFarlane's figures, like the Spawn Series, lots of Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars, Final Fantasy series, South Park, etc. I wanted to start on some Gundam's but that would just be too much. :)

They are all languishing in storage until I can display them (and my diecast bikes) properly in nice case.

I'm not buying any figures anymore and I'm only occasionally picking up racebikes.

It looks very well done :nicejob
I remember seeing that movie when it first came out with my wife (we might have been just dating then :confused ). She hated it and I thought it was fantastic :giggle
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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