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UPDATE 31/10/2019

Today I added all the Tamiya putty to the front vent assembly. Once this dries for a couple of days, I can start to sand all the radius edges to the openings and finish this up ready to paint black and then apply the carbon decals

Next it was time to start building the rear diffuser. I play around with some card and scissors to get all the shapes right before I transfer them to 1mm plastic sheet. This saves wasting material. I worked out the side profile end plates first and then glued them to a temporary back support strip. This will be later almost entirely be cut away, it is just used to keep the structure straight while I am gluing it all together. I also used a couple of small drops of glue to hold it onto the back edge of the factory floor to get the vertical height right as it sits slightly lower than the side bodywork

Now flipped the body upside down so I can start building the rest of the sculpture

I then added the center part of the diffuser under the exhaust outlets. I angled the edges so the next pieces of plastic sheet has a better face to glue to.

Then the next pieces glued in place at the same angle as the sides of the exhaust outlet bodywork. Overlaps don't matter at this stage as it will all be sanded back flush

Next is the main sides of the diffuser. I bent these pieces with a slight curvature before gluing them in place

Removed from the chassis/body and it is holding together very good. I glued it all together with Tarzans grip superglue which seems to work very well on Evergreen styrene sheet

Next a lot of sanding to flush all the separate pieces together then added all the rounded edges

I then cut away the inner ribs and sanded the inside edges flush, as well as using a dome file to arch the inside vertical faces

This is how it sits back under the body. I have to add some filler to the inner corners to round them to match the outer round edges, and still have to make the vertical fins too. But once all this is done, I can then paint this gloss black like the real car and this piece will be done too.

And then I applied the Tamiya putty to the top and underside of the diffuser. Time to let this dry, then I can sand and start fitting the fins

More to come. Cheers

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UPDATE 1/11/2019

Back onto the build today to get this model closer to finishing. I sanded all the putty on the rear diffuser and then cut and glued the ribs in place

I also sanded all the putty on the front bumper vent assembly

This is the diffuser sitting under the rear bumper. Pretty happy with how this turned out just making it from plastic sheet and putty. Still time consuming though.

And from the bottom continuing on from the factory floor

And the sanded duct assembly back behind the front bumper for a final fitment check

I then primed and painted the aero parts just with Tamiya spray cans

Then I added the yellow LB decals the the sides of the front splitter. Once these dry, I will 2K clear the front splitter so it will end up full gloss

Black diffuser under the rear for a look. This also has to be 2K cleared for a full gloss finish

6 pieces of carbon decal to cover the front duct assembly. Once dry, this will just be sprayed with Tamiya flat clear to match the hood. Then I can add the black mesh behind the openings

I nearly forgot that I didn't fill in the side vents with mesh, so before the wheels went on and access would be lost, I made some card templates for the mesh

Transferred the shapes to some black mesh and then cut them out. Still had to do some minor tweaking and test fitting to get them to stay in place and stay in shape.

I then used some Kristal Klear glue to hold them into the cuts I made in the diecast body before I built the wide body kit. This worked well.

More to come. Cheers

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UPDATE 2/11/2019

Today I sprayed the front duct assembly in Tamiya flat clear

I then added the rear mesh to it

I also painted the rear wing today. I sprayed the whole wing black, then when that was dry, I masked up the blade and legs, then white primer on the end plates and then sprayed the Rosso Corsa base coat to the end plates

The I glued in the front duct assembly in behind the front bumper

Now time for the carbon on the rear wing. I cut out the decal with the slots in it to go around the wing legs

Applied the decal and used a hair dryer to speed up the process so I could do the underside

Now for the underside, this one has no cutouts and is much easier


I then added the LBWK decals to the underside of the wing

And the LBWK decals on the sides of the end plates

Time for the exhaust tips of the Frequency Intelligent exhaust system, so I just used some 5mm brass tubing. I cut a small angle cut to the ends of the tube to match the body angle, and then just used a 3M superfine sanding sponge to polish up the tubing to a brighter gold look

I then glued them into the body, and I also added the Liberty Walk number plate

I also added the chrome Ferrari emblems but I sometime ago lost the third brake light for the lip of the body. For now I just used a piece of clear acetate sheet painted red behind. I have to find another solution for this as I am not happy with it as it is.

That is quite a few hours work today, but getting there. Still have to clear coat the aero parts but here is the model sort of sitting together

More to come, thanks for following this build. Cheers

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I think I said it before and I have to say this again... The work going into this and the attention to detail is absolutely insane! I love this Rob and I cannot wait to see it finished. It's going to look amazing sitting with your other models as well


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Thanks gents!

UPDATE 11/11/2019

Been flat out with work leading up to Christmas, so had not much time building models. But I just got a bit more done today starting with a rear chassis support for the rear diffuser which I needed to fit the diffuser in place. Just a strip of 4mm X 1mm plastic and then I painted it matt black as it won't be seen

Glued on the calipers to the disc's as these do not need to spin

Front fender louvers in place, these were tiny and a real pain in the arse. Another coat of paint needed

And all my custom wheels turned up today from MIYminimodels, thanks Eddy, great job as usual. Now with the wheels I can finish up this model very soon, plus some others

Here is my custom Forgiato Dieci-ECL's with mega dish on the rears and with Autoart tyres fitted. Still need to paint these up but just wanted to get the tyres on to have a look. Look mad.

I also fired up the spray booth this afternoon and got the front splitter, rear diffuser and rear wing all clear coated in 2K clear. On the home straight now. Cheers, Rob

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UPDATE 17/11/2019

I got all my 3D printed wheels from MIYminimodels, for this Ferrari and for my C12 Zonda build, and the Huayra Dinastia wheels

Fitted the tyres for a look, love how these come out

Clear coated all the aero parts in 2K clear

Yesterday I painted the rims I had 3D printed from MIYminimodels in gloss black and gave them a coat of clear as well

I then added the AUTOart tyres and added the Forgiato decals to the center caps and added the yellow ADVAN decals to the tyres. Brakes were just test fitted behind the wheel stems before installing them to the chassis

Really happy with how these came out.

Next I screwed the floor back into the body for the last time

I then glued the front splitter on the underside of the front of the body using Kristal Klear glue and then taped it in place till the glue dried

Same with the rear diffuser

Test fitted the wheels so I could trim the stems to get the right camber and the wheels to tuck in behind the fender lip

The front wheel stems are no where near the front hub holes, so I used some UliNowak backing plates glued onto the HWE front wheel hubs so I can glue the new wheels straight onto these. This gives me more adjustment to fit the wheels where I want them

Front splitter in it's final position

Rear diffuser fully dried and looks good

Rear wheels glued in place with about 2mm of camber and the tyre tucked flush with the inside of the fender arch

Front wheels also glued in place with 2mm of camber

Once the model is screwed to it's leather base, it will be a bit lower as the screws will pull the model down a bit more and also the tyre will compress a little in the top against the inside of the fenders

Rear wing glued in place

Fat ass

Nearly there, just the windows, side mirrors, a bit of a polish up and I think it will be finished. More to come. Cheers

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LAST UPDATE 25/11/2019

Yesterday I finished up this model by cutting some new windows from a 2 litre Pepsi bottle and fitting them in place with some Kristal klear glue

I then glued the side mirrors back onto the doors

I then gave the model a bit of a polish up and mounted it onto a white leather base and made a custom name plate for the front of the base. It is now finished and I will now send the final pics to Speedy as per the competition rules. Good luck to everyone else who completed their models and I look forward to seeing them. Cheers, Rob
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