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Rothmans/racing 956

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My local hobby shop has gotten this model. I thought I had lost it but NO sir! ITs there waiting for me. :happy

I have checked it up and.... the model is different from the picture on the box. The model on the box does not have any form of decal instead of the Rothmans one, but the model does indeed have them, everything is there, there is jus RACING written instead of Rothmans. Also, on the rear spoiler, I looked really well and I could easily see that there is Rothmans underneath :yahoo

What does this mean? Does it have Rothmans underneath all the decals? Or just that one?

BTW, the Racing decals dont look ugly at all, I thought they were much worse
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Yup, the Rothmans decals are beneath the Racing decals. Peel them off!
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