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Saleen Mustang S351

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AUTOart did a great job on this Stang, interior and exterior is awesome. Great paint job too :tongue
Took a few pics :giggle

:woohoo :tease
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great model and pics :coolpics
Thanks Nadav :cheers
You got a very nice model Johnny :cheers

Looks the best in white with those white rims

Thanks Ariel :cheers
Yes i like the white better than the yellow stang :giggle
Eve though this is an older model, its still one heck of a piece :nicejob

Congrats on adding it.
The white Saleen looks fantastic! :nicejob
Thanks Darrick :cheers Yes an old model but a nice Stang :giggle
Thanks Jeff :cheers
Thanks Alon :cheers
A white Saleen is hard to find, you might get lucky and get a yellow one.
Easy to find one. Good Luck
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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