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Saleen S7-R 2003 Le Mans

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Driven by: Pedro Chaves (P)/Mike Newton (GB)/Thomas Erdos (BR)
Result: not classified (Did not cross finish line, transmission) (85 laps behind the winner)

These are some quick and dirty pictures until I get the hang of lighting it up better. The white parts of the car seems to have a pretty reflective sheen to it.

(new picture)

(old picture)
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That's a beautiful model, Felix! I love those Saleens, and it looks like IXO did a nice job on this one. Very colorful! :cheers
Sweet model Felix - you and VR are making it tough to resist these 1:43s.
Thanks Jeff. I've always loved the shape of the S7-R. This particular livery really stands out nicely compared to some of the other Le Mans S7-Rs. For $25, it was a pretty good deal considering no one else makes race version S7-Rs. :cheers
nice model and pics :danbana
Thanks Richard :cheers In the world of 1:43s, IXO is one of those mid-range manufacturers. For the money, their cars are quite good. In terms of subject matter, they make stuff that no other manufacturers make (case in point, race version Saleen S7s).
You call these quick and dirty? They look pretty good to me! Great model :cheers
Stunning. :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

I can see how one could easily become addicted.

1/43 = Diecast Heroine.
Congrats on the new addition. Looks like that "satellite garage theory" is kicking in once again :giggle
Can somebody please explain why a beatiful car like that cannot be made in 1:18 and only 1:43? I don't know why the 1:43 guys get to have the best models.
That was the first thing I noticed when I first started collecting.

Some of the liveries and models they get is just mind blowing.
I dare say it's something like 1:2 or maybe even 1:3 to what we get in 1:18. :cry
If I started collecting right now, knowing what I know and if I wanted to focus more in race and Le Mans cars, I think I would go with 1:43.
1:3 wouldn't draw much of an argument.

As much as I fretted over the sealed models that AUTOart released, if they offered that Bentley that Felix posted in 1:18 scale, I would be all over it, sealed or not.
Thanks for all the kind words guys! :cheers
That is just what I was thinking, Nuendo!

Sheesh, Felix, I wish I could do "quick and dirty" like that! :giggle

...wait a minute, that does not sound very good, does it??
What you do in your private life with the missus is none of my business. :giggle :giggle

Oh yeah, thanks kindly for your compliment Ric. :cheers
Nice Felix, The saleens do look so sleek. this 1:43 bug is growing ever so fast.

The only problem with 1/43 is that you have too much to choose from. You definitely have to pick a theme and stick with it. Otherwise, you'll end up with hundreds, even thousands of 1/43 models before you know it.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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