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In 1:18 scale, MotorMax and Hot Wheels make it in road version. I haven't heard good things about either of them though. I think Hot Wheels's is supposed to be a little better in shut lines.
In 1:43, IXO makes them as well.

This Konrad Saleen is one of my favorite cars, namely because it was the first race it won, and a prestigious one at that, even beating out the favored Corvettes!

But, the real beauty, in my opinion is the original factory colors of the black, white and yellow stripes of the BASF Saleen.

Two liveries I wish iXO produced are the Park Place/ K&N Filter Saleen (Grand Am 2002--changed sponsorship after first two or three races) and the Rocketsport HomeLink Saleen (Daytona 2001)

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