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shame on you minichamps

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we all know that there are some parts of minichamps SL65 bs that are disappointing for a high end model, such as the front mesh being solid plastic and the rear spoiler that doesnt even move up, but we forgave it for all those little maisto'ish qualitys because it looked so damb awesome!!

I mean the paint, stance, feel, weight and overall look of the thing i think every person on here loves it.
but i noticed something on mine just now that shocked me and generally peed me off and made me make this thread to have a little rant.
It was when i picked it up to have a little look after admiring it for five and after noticing a few little things that i liked such as the floor being carpeted. I felt something on my thumb and after looking what it was it seemed to be a sticker of a wire mesh.
baffled as to where this could have come from i then saw the vent behind the front wheel and realised that the sticker had come from there!
I couldnt belive it, A £70 high end minichamps and they use a crappy sticker to replicate an air vent! mattel did the exact same thing with their enzo and that was a low quality 'toy' thing
Now some or most of you might not be bothered by this, but it really wound me up.
I really like this model as ive said it looks amazing but a good company like minichamps shouldnt be doing stuff like this on their 'quality' models
It seems the more i look at this car the worse i see and the less im impressed by it, ecspecially for the money it commands.

Right rant over
any of you lot know where im coming from with this though? its just Disappointing.
in a way im kind of dreading the forthcoming DBS now
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I have a resin model from them, it's completely wrecked!
I'm going to send it back. It's a shame really, their resin models which come in the big Black boxes with the cobbled road effect bases are nice!
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The outer box was perfect, the car is still attached with the wires underneath too. BUT it was packed upside down in the box! It's supposely new, but I don't think Minichamps would do that!
Mine is well and truly wrecked, worst I've seen in a long time!
In my opinion, there is no way the seller didn't know that it was completely trashed, you only had to pick the box up & you could hear the pieces moving about. My seller packed it properly, so I do not believe the damage occurred en route. How it was damaged, I do not know. But I do that I want my money back
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