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Hi All,

Our very own Allanmodel suffered a broke leg during a fall this past week. He is now wearing a cast on that leg.

Providing we all cannot be there to sign his cast for him, I figured we can post a signature and some well wishes in a thread for him wishing a speedy recovery. :cheers

Best wishes and Get well soon Allan :cheers

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Best Wishes for a speedy recovery AM!!

In the meantime, are you in need of a chauffeur? If you are, I would be willing to help out a friend in need! For only the cost of a plane ticket from Detroit, I would be happy to drive your Porsche (and you, of course) to all your doc appointments and such! Just let me know and I'm there! :giggle

PS - You guys drive on the right side of the road down there don't you??

Get better soon!
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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