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Signed Corvette SS

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I purchased my AUTOart 1957 Corvette SS right after it came out, a year or so ago. I bought it right away since it was signed by John Fitch and I like the car anyways. ever since I've had it I've been trying to figure out why exatly it's signed! I had the Local Hobby Shop check into it and they said that neither the distributor or AUTOart know why it was signed. I've compared the signature to pictures of his signature that I've found and it looks about as similar as one could expect. so I'm fairly confident that it is authentic. I also know its not a decal or anything like that because it overlaps three different parts. So I was wondering if any of you had heard about any of these being signed? I know this is kindof a long shot, but I'm not going to give up until I figure it out.
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:welcome aboard, Chewie! :cheers

Do you have any pics of it? I never heard about a "factory" signed SS. Where did you buy it?
I'm at work right now so I dont have access to my pictures but I'll get some up asap. It was purchased at Rider's Hobby Shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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I had not heard of the signed car either :confused
I wonder if they held an event or something?
Sounds like a cool car :cheers
:welcome Chewievette to DX
I also never heard of it. Could you please post pictures of it?? Thanks
hey another vette named guy with a ferrari in his banner. and i though i was the only one.
I should be able to get pics up by tomorrow night at the latest. I hope sooner.

corvettekingofcanada - I'm acctually a Vette guy at heart, it's what started my automotive obsession! and the Ferrari is in my banner because I'm putting together a Ferrari 575 GTC kit car of my own design. Which incidentally has a few Vette parts in it, namely the suspension! If you guys are interested I'll start a thread about it.

Thanks for your help.
Please do! :cheers
Just so that I'm up to par on my internet etiquette, which forum should I post that in?
Off Topic :cheers
Welcome aboard and glad to have you :welcome

Hope you enjoy the forums. :cheers

I think Jeff would be accurate in his description of the model being signed at an event or some sort.

I too would eb interested in reading/seeing your project car. :cheers

Corvette owners are always welcome as I am a Vette guy at heart as well. Save the Wave :cheers
Well I'm not going to post the pics directly on here because I know how some people feel about image sizes but here's a link to the pictures...


They aren't the best pics but they show the good stuff. I'll try to get a better picture of the signature, these seem to have come out rather fuzzy ...I'll have to work on that.
I dont have a sample of John Fitch's signature but here's a picture of an autographed model from his website...


I keep the model spotless and in it's box most of the time, I've been trying to get a custom case made for it but I cant find anyone that will etch the corvette logo into a piece of glass for me ...copyright something or other.
I'd love to hear any thoughts or ideas you've got! Thanks.
I dont think AUTOart had something to do with the signature. Probably the store made a deal with him to sign a number of Corvettes.
I know the store didn't have anything to do with it, this was the only one they had(signed) and I've known the guy that does the ordering for many years and he was the one who called up both the distrubutor and Autoart. Like I said, this is all very confusing to me. I dont see how it was signed unless it happened either at the factory or at the hobby shop and I know those guys well enough to know they wouldn't do that. I wonder if it was for some sort of promotion or for some exec and accidentally got shipped out?
Here's a photo of a 50th anniversary poster signed by John Fitch in 2004; he singed it for me at the Lime Rock Vintage Fall Fest that year. He was there again last fall doing a book signing-or anything else you brought him to sing, for free. He is quite a gentlemen, but very old and frail looking.

If you're absolutely sure that the store didn't have it signed, and that the model came to the store directly from AUTOart, the only possible explanation is that the store got that model by accident. If AUTOart had a batch of SSs "oficially" signed there would be a COA and somebody here would have heard about it.
Hmm... I guess I'll go back to the LHS and grill them some more about it. At least I'm not the only one perplexed about this...
Can't help you with your problem, but just wanted to say welcome to DX Chewievette!!!
And yes, please post some pics of your custom project. . .
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Sometimes a distributer will have some cars signed for special events.

The Motorsport Collector in Downers Grove IL is really big into having famous people in their gallery to sign cars, books and artwork.
Perhaps it was something like this and somehow the car you have got sent back or somehow made it into the distribution chain by mistake? :confused

You never know how many different things can happen :happy
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