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Silver Arrows

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Seeing both of these in the New Arrivals forum a few weeks past got me to thinking about shooting these two beauties together.

It's an interesting parallel in that both cars were the benchmarks of their respective eras, and it could be argued that both models have set benchmarks in the art of diecasting.

The next two are just over the size limit.

Making a cameo appearance: The Highspeed Transporter

Behind this wheel are the best brakes I've seen on a model.

75(?) hand set spokes.
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Great photo's too!

I think the Merc's look bonza in Silver.

Special diecast models for sure. :eek:k


:coolpics I'm awaiting delivery of the W196 in the next few days which will complete my collection of classic 1950's MB racers. I've wanted the C9 for some time and your insight about being benchmarks both as cars and as models might just have given me the excuse I've needed! However, I've spent so much in the last month since I found this site that I've got to go "cold turkey" while my bank account settles down. I just hope that Exoto doesn't decide to "retire" the C9 for a little while, or bump the price even higher! :goodpost
Hey Mosteller,

I would love to see some pics of your MB collection.

How about it?

Do you have all the CMC silver arrows? I only have the 196 Monoposto which is sitting on the transporter all tied down and ready for the autobahn's....:giggle.

Superb models.


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Those are some great looking Benz's, none of which i have at the moment.

Did say i have none at the moment, will be soon though.

:coolpics as well.
Those CMCs really blow me away .. I can't wait for the 250GT
Great pics :)
I was thinking about doing the same, but with the body removed on the W196R and the rolling chassis :giggle:
Lloyd, those are fantastic cars! :nicejob
Thank God I'll be soon be able to make a pic like your "cameo appearance" shot. :giggle
Awesome MB's! :cheers

I have the same C9and have been seriously contemplating the transporter and W196, it's such a sweet car.

That's the Fangio car right? Did CMC not also do a Stirling Moss version? :confused
Thanks for the great pictures!! What a treat. :happy :happy

The Sauber is ok, but that W196. Good Grief! The wheels are works of art all by themselves!
Gosh, Lloyd - you've got some NIIIIIIIIICE pieces. :tongue Thanks for the pics! :cheers
Thanks, but actually the SLR wasn't my first choice to grace the rear of the transporter. I really wanted that Donald Duck car, but the bidding gets way out of hand when they pop up on ebay. :lol
Thanks, guys. I'm happy to be able to share them (the pics not the cars :lol )
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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