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Hi all, havn't posted for a loong time as i havn't been doing much modding. Well here's my newest mod, a Ferrari 612 scag with a set of DUBS spinners. Really not my style, and some of you guys out there might want to kill me for blinging this Ferrari! Well i really didn't do this mod intentionally. One night I wanted to lower the car thinking it would be the same process as the 360 Stradale. After taking the car apart i realized first, it was not like the stradale, so it wasn't easy to lower, and secondly the rims were pretty easy to take apart with two simple screws. So i decided to take the rims off and see what can fit. Then i found these set of spinners that i bought a long time ago from the States...and the rest was history! I thought it looks OK...as the 612 fits these bling bling better than lets say an enzo or a 360...eitherway i just wanted to share, its nothing much. :feedback

This was before:


When rims are spinning...(have to look closer!)

And finally, some simple audio system in the trunk...

Also did some minor paint touchups with the interior, but i won't bother posting it since its so minor :lol

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Thanks for all the kind and encouraging comments as usual guys! Those are the words that keeps a modder goin! :cheers
I was never good with switching rims...but this time was quite sucessful. Both the front and rear rims were too far out at first, but a bit of adjusting, like shortening the orginal rear axle and front brakes, the car now rows and turns perfectly! :danbanna

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Not my thing, but it sure looks good. Great mod! Don't let the boys at Mattel see it, they might want to copy it. :giggle

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never thought a Ferrari would look good wih such large rims, but the Scag is on the large side,

nice Subs :cheers

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gafotes said:
I like this guy! Those rims are the largest possible that I think you could have and still look realistic. Ever thought about painting the spinners or rims red?
Thanks mate! Yea it was cause the offset seems to fit so perfectly that i decided to use these set of wheels.
As for the painting part, naaw, i like it this way better! :thanks
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