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Solido & Minichamps DB9's

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I was wondering which is the best out of the two manufactures, i was really going to buy the Solido versions but then the Minichamps versions arrived, is there a difference in quality, im just imaganing the Solido will have Dog-leg hindges and the Minichamps's won't.

Can anyone shine light on this Subject?
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I would guess that Minichamps would be the better choice, although also more expensive. The Solido is probably comparable to a Maisto. I think Shahel has the Solido versions.
I would say go for the Minichamps version, its just overall a better model.
Minichamps is MUCH better from the pictures I've seen.
Headlights, paint, interior...everything!

When is the Minichamps being released in Europe anyway?? :confused
If your referring to the 1:18th M/C DB9, they have already been released in Europe, as I have them in stock, and so do others. :cheers
Yup, but only in the UK. Shipping is too much for me from there :lol
theres pics of the Minichamps DB9 here


solido one isnt bad either, but i dont have that one

let me know if you want any other pics
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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