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Solido News.

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anyone hav these cars? how's the detail? :p
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OT: What country is Solido based out of?
It looks pretty good all in all. The one thing that jumps out is that the front fender gap is a bit too much.

Here are photos that I took at an ALMS race.
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Any news about what price range it'll sell at in the UK? Thanks for the news Dave. :cheers

Has anyone heard any rumours about these Solidos being brought to NOrth & South America??
I not sure if Cirtek prepped the #62 DBR9 for Russian Age Racing.

I'm pretty sure I read off a motorsports website that one of the Russian Age Racing DBR9s (with blue livery) was prepared by Cirtek Motorsports for RAR. The two are distinct companies from one another.
Do you have a link to any info about that?? The big issue I have with iXO is that the colour of their wheels have not been accurate thus far, tire sidewall noticeably tall, plus the fender gap is kind of large.
Thanks for the update Gary. I wonder if any of those will be making their way over to North America. The one store I spoke to said they did not think Solido has any arrangements to bring those models into Canada. Has anyone in the US heard anything positive??
Thank you Gary for your quick offer to help out! :cheers I think I'll read a few reviews about the car first and then see if Solido makes a Russian Age Racing version (either from the FIA GT or Le Mans). That's really the one I'm looking out for.
What's shipping costng you? And I imagine the package will be declared at full price so there'll be taxes (and maybe import duty :confused )
Nice! But 15 GBP for shipping is enough to deter me from buying 1/18 from the EC. I find shipping 1/43 from the UK is usually no more than 5-6 GBP & that's a lot more appealing to me. :giggle
Now there's a deal of the century! NOT! :giggle Unless that price INCLUDES the car. :tease
Your offer to help is much appreciated Bubbles and your idea is a good one indeed. :cheers Let's see what people's reviews of the model is like and see what the level of interest is. I suppose with enough demand, there may be a North American vendor that may end up selling them on this side of the Pond.
Not myself. Grossly incorrect ride height is not something I tolerate well. That's why I haven't bought any of the 1/43 IXO DBR9s. But IF there was a way to drop the suspension on this model, it could look pretty sharp. From the photo, the paint and exterior quality looks to be quite good.

Thanks Gary for sharing that photo. I'd love to hear more about the model once you get your hands on it.
It looks pretty good & it wouldn't surprise me if their sales with these DBR9s are strong.
That is a very cool feature!
:lol I can hardly wait to read Dave's comeback.
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Thanks for that post Luc! Another Aston MArtin DBR9 caught my eye.

906201 Aston Martin Le Mans 2006 1/18
Good decision on getting that model! I have both a Solido and Autoart DBR9. I have to say Solido had done an excellent job making that model at a very affordable price.

Bondracer: Nice photos of your car! :cheers
solido announces their 2009 releases

Aston Martin DBR9 1st LeMans 2008
Subaru Impreza WRC 2008
Citröen C4 WRC 2008

Nice!! There's no way in heck I would ever pay the nose-bleed level price for Autoart's presentation version. Solido did a fantastic job with their various '07 DBR9 with opening panels, this model is almost guaranteed to be a winner.

Thanks for posting that news rodolfo. :cheers
It looks like this new release is based on their earlier DBR9 mold which features opening doors and hood. While it doesn't have the same level of detail as AUTOart's sealed equivalent, it is cheaper. The front definitely does look too high. If there was an easy way to drop the front suspension, that would be perfect!

(photo courtesy of Model Marque)
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Hi! i ordered this same model to a friend of mine, when i get it i'll post pics of it.
I know that some people bought the earlier versions of this car (the green one) and the suspension issue can be easily fixed and after that the car looks spot on.
I've already planned the modding of iot to mak it look more detailed.
The AUTOart surely looks better but the fact that this one have opening parts and costs less than that sealed shell says it all for me.
Now, if i could pick a cheap aston from AUTOart i could swith parts.... mmm

I'll see what to do when i get it.
Could you steer me to any information about modifying the front suspension? I would really like to modify my Solido #59 DBR9!

Once you get your #009 car, I'd love to see some detailed pictures of it (before and after your suspension mod too).
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