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Some M3 GTR street versions

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Heres a couple of pics i took of my collection. Im missing the silver M3 GTR E46 with the carbon fiber roof but that will be arriving shortly. Other than that, am i missing anything from these street version collections? Starting on the race versions collection will be my next mission. Enjoy! :feedback



And i forgot to mention, i'm new to the forums and i like what i've seen so far! :danbana

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First of all, WELCOME! :cheers

Second of all, what a fabulous presntation of your models :nicejob :nicejob
It looks great!
While I am no expert it seems to me that you have all the Minichamps GTR's :cheers
I know next to nothing on the UT's I'm afraid but I am sure that someone here will know :cheers
Welcome sal_187!

Your E46 collection looks complete to me (apart from the silver w/carbon roof).

I love the display. The lighting is superb.

WOW what a start! You ve got an awesome looking collection there. I really like the way u display them too.
on board
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:welcome sal_187!

and awesome collection of M3 racers. I'd be set. :giggle
Nice Collection of M3's.

Yup that display is awesome . . .I remember when I first saw it in the diecast section of AF. sal you gotta show them more of that display.
Welcome to the forum! Your display is awesome! :cheers

You have completed the M3 GTR collection.
woah..... thats a cool display.. u must really like yur M3s
too cool. you can never have to many m3 gtr's! :cheers

to the family Sal.
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Whoa! I did not know that there are two Minichamps red versions?? I like the dark red one. Is it a new release?

Nice GTRs sal_187. I only have the blue, green and the yellow cars. I also have the three E36 cars. Have you got any of the race version?
Now I really need to see more of the display :yahoo
By the way welcome aboard & sweet display!! You put it together your self???
Welcome, sal - impressive collection!
Welcome aboard. Your collection's background looks stunning. The backlight especially :coolpics
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:welcome aboard sal_187!

Your M3GTR's are amazing! I only have teh red car, but I'm being very tempted to hunt for the others :tempted

Thanks for sharing your pictures!

to DX. :cheers
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Goodlooking cars and display!

I need a display like that now!
:welcome sal_187 !

amazing collection of M3 GTR :woohoo
That cabinet sure is awesome :nicejob :nicejob

The GTR's look at home in there, congrat's on such a superb collection.

Super E46 M3 GTR collection :tongue :tongue :tongue

very nice collection of GTRs. i really love the UTs!
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