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Great Job Scott_S!

They look really professionally done. The paint and decal application look first rate :nicejob .
Have the interiors been modified in any way?


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I'm not sure yet. The white C6 was on Ebay (which I've already sold another one for $38). All the cars/trucks above were done for people that ordered from the website or contacted me from Ebay. I have 8 other cars in the works right now, 2 of which will end up on Ebay(Welly Avalanche & Porsche 996), the others are already sold(2 CVs , Enzo, F50, C6 & Murci). I just put some cars up for sale in the classifieds. You can also send me cars for me to do for you (the C6 'vert & Z06 were done that way).
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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