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Some new police customs....

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These are a few cars/trucks that I've built recently for a few people.
CHP C6 coupe & 'vert
CHP Tahoe
LAPD Suburban
CHP slicktop Impala

My photo location wasn't the best, but it was snowing out at the time .
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Great work!! Looks fantastic :nicejob :happy :nicejob

The Tahoe and white C6 is are stunning :nicejob
Great Job Scott_S!

They look really professionally done. The paint and decal application look first rate :nicejob .
Have the interiors been modified in any way?

Thanks! The only thing that I do on the interiors is add some radios or computers(not all the time, but usually more for people that order from the website).
Will you be making some of those for ebay in the future?
I'm not sure yet. The white C6 was on Ebay (which I've already sold another one for $38). All the cars/trucks above were done for people that ordered from the website or contacted me from Ebay. I have 8 other cars in the works right now, 2 of which will end up on Ebay(Welly Avalanche & Porsche 996), the others are already sold(2 CVs , Enzo, F50, C6 & Murci). I just put some cars up for sale in the classifieds. You can also send me cars for me to do for you (the C6 'vert & Z06 were done that way).

Can you please be sure to post pics of the Enzo and Murc when completed :cheers
I've done a couple of Enzos & Murcis already, they all come out about the same(depending on options).
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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