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Something unexpected at the Chicago hobby show

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While browsing around what little diecast there was, I came across the Sunstar booth. They didn't have much product there, and the guy didn't seem to know much about them, but he was anxious to sell.

Overall, it's not too bad of a model. It's no AUTOart Maybach 62, but at less than half the price, I'm not complaining. I don't know if it's a production version as it came in the box for the '66 600 limo.

Anyway, enough talking. On with the pics...

Some shots with it's baby brother from Maisto.

Fit and finish wise, it compares well with the Maisto. The Maisto's grille is perforated, but the Sunstar's is better integrated into the hood.

The Sunstar's wheels look a bit tiny compared to the Maisto, and they don't seem to be quite centered in the wheel well.

Parting shot.
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:nowork :cry
Same here - just Red crosses.

Did you get any photos of the ERTL KITT (from Knight Rider) model whilst you were at the show?
I can only see four photos. Wish AUTOart (or Kyosho) would make the W220 Pullman :nutkick
:nowork Even if I copy and paste ("403 Forbidden").
This is funny. Every time I do a page refresh, I see a different number of pictures. It's varied from 6 pictures to zero pictures.

Very classy car Lloyd! :cool
I to tried refresh with nill result, but feels the host web site for the pics might be down :confused

but seems like a great price for a great model, Congrat's

Can you at least tell us what car it is? :giggle
First off, let me apologize for posting to the wrong forum. I thought I was posting in the 1/18 forum. :eek:ops I guess that's what happens at 2 in the morning.

I'm not sure why the pictures aren't showing as I can see them all just fine. :giggle I'm using Imagestation. Anybody had any issues with them?

I'm trying to post a pic, but I'm getting a message stating that "the attached file is greater than my post or global limit", but it's only a 55kb file. What gives?
Sorry, no pics. Somehow I managed to bypass the RC2 booth. I think I missed them because they were in the plastic models section. Or maybe I was too busy trying to find the ATM :lol
wow, nice pics, it does look "pretty good", might get it once i see it in stores.
After trying several times I got some of the pics to work. I have to admit that looks pretty nice. I may have to get one one day :danbana
For Sunstar a very good quality! I like this model. :coolpics

For persons with trouble, here the pics again:

(Sorry for repost your pics, Pillarless Coupe...)
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Is that carpeting I see on the floor? :tongue
I agree, a nice model! :nicejob
Really amazing car. When will it be released? It lookes like carpeting on the floor. Little flaw also mentioned before the wheels are to small for this car.
I see some high-end cues on this land yacht. There are no dog-leg hinges, for example. :danbana There is also carpeting and chrome around the shift gate. I can't get this thing off of my mind. Sunstar had a BRILLIANT idea in making this. Now, it's AUTOart's turn...:tongue
:iagree Good one :cheers
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