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From Spawn Comic book

Spawn Mobile & Violator Monster Rig

Spawn Mobile

Violator Monster Rig

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:nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

The Violator Monster Rig is pretty wild! :happy :cheers
:thanks G3 :cheers
yeh its a MEAN LOOKIN Rig
My oh my...
Those two would freighten everyting in my collection :giggle
Those are pretty nasty looking R-GUNZ! They'd scare the poop outta my poor little Vipers. :lol :lol
:lol :lol :lol
i put them on top of my bookcase watch dogz :giggle
nice stuff :cheers

are these any particular sclae and is that gun stickin out of the blower on the spawn mobile?? if so, does it rotate??

and does the Violator rig have any moving parts?
:thanks RW :cheers

Don't know the scale,yes the blower is a gun. no it does not rotate and the skull on the back it throws it forward like a catapulte. The rig has moving parts too, the sidestacks are rockets, the jaw moves. I got both models back in 94.
Very cool! I still have a LOT of the older Spawn series action figures. You can definitely see how much better and better the figures have gotten over the years.

For some reason it seems like I've never seen those vehicles before. Weird cause I was so into the action figures.

In anycase, sweet pics!
:thanks Jel
These 2 vehicles was in the very first series in DECEMBER 1994
:cool1 model :cheers

nice Violator Monster Rig :giggle
:thanks nadav_86 :cheers :cheers
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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