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Spiderman 2 figure

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Not sure if this belong here or not as I am not collecting them, but I thought it was really neat.
Yesterday my son and I had to kill about 30 minutes after church and before lunch (my wife had some thing else to do) so we went into a Target that was nearby.
We wennt to the toy section, but I was not expecting any finds since Target is in a diecast drought around here. Nothing new, but I saw that they had marked down some of the SM2 toys already. I had been eyeing the one that that has a stop light on a pole for a future diorama. Anyways, we bought it and my son soon decided that the stop light was no fun (which I put away right away) and he played with the figurine and I noticed how many positions he was able to put it in. This morning, it was on the floor, so I brought it to work with me.

Anyway, this thing has at least 34 points of articulation. The legs have 7 each and the arms 8 each. I was able to keep it in pose and balanced to take the pictures, even after a 8-year-old played with it. It is very well detailed and it looks to be about 1/12-1/15 scale. Also, I think that they were $3.50.

They have one with a street-lamp, so I might have get that one too (for the diorama of course). That way both my son and I will have a Spidy of our own. :lol
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Getter 3 said:
Looks like Spidey is doing ballet....

:lol :lol :lol

I googled some photos from the movie, and I tried to pose it like them (you just have to imagine the web)

I did not see that one. Is 18" tall = 1/6 scale?
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