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Subaru Impreza 22B

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I got another answer to one of my wanted list items, a 22b for $54us :yahoo the seller even dropped it off, he was a real nice guy.

I love the detail under the hood.

(Larger files 100K)

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What a steal you got there Mike . :nicejob

The 22B is a gorgeous model and your pics look stunning.

Very well done and Congrats on your newest arrival . (now you need the rally version) :cheers
Great car and a great deal :nicejob
Congrats Mike :cheers
Congratulations, Mike! Very nice model
Congrats Mike!!! :happy

I think the 22Bs engine is the most detailed of all Subies. Never seen it before.

And of course, :coolpics
Congrats on finding it at such an incredible price! :cheers
Congrats Mike :cheers

I have this model too, it's amazing model :tongue
Thanks guys, I was not a big lover of this model, but when I seen under the hood, that was it for me, I had to get me self one.

Congrats Mike. I have a 1:43 of this one. I am seeing what I am missing from mine.
My hobby shop has the 2 door wrx model. Can anyone please explain how different the 22b and the wrx are under the skin. Thanks in advance.
Congrats Mike! :nicejob :cheers

$54 is an awesome deal, considering what they're fetching on eBay. :nicejob

Some really creative shots too! :cool

Where have I seen this pic before.... :confused :giggle

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oops :giggle I was showing a 1/2 out of focus one, as I cant seem to work out how to get the whole car in focus, unless Im a 100 foot aways from it :giggle
Also wish my cam had Macro mode.
wow! GREAT Deal!!!!!
wish i could find one.... they sell for so much $$$ nowadays......THIs is a car AUTOart needs to re-release :p
Firstly, Mike, what an awesome car for an awesome price!!! I really want to congratulate you!!! :danbana

Do you mean in real life, or should I say, 1:1? :giggle

The 22B was built in limited numbers (rumours of 400 cars, plus another 25 without numbered plates).
Apparently, legend has it that Colin McRae and Nicky Grist got cars #1 and #2 respectively as thanks from Subaru Japan for winning three straight Manufacturer titles in the WRC (1995-96-97). The 22B was released in 1998.
Its name comes from its engine. The standard WRX STi has a turbocharged 2 litre engine - the 22B has a 2.2 litre Boxer engine. I have a really good magazine article on them, but I can't manage to find it at the moment.

I have the model too, and love it. I am so pleased I have it, but I can't believe that its market value is so high!
Thanks guys.

Anders thanks for the Info on the 22b.
(the next line in your banner: & if Mike had the keys to one, then there be two Godzilla's sitting on the wall :giggle )
Okay, I'll let you take the R33.... :wink

No worries about the info on the 22B - as I said, when I find that article, I'll post some more info.
Thanks for the info Anders. :cheers TopGear had an episode on the 22B long time ago. Cant remember a thing about it though.
Due to Grandpa's memory going WOOP WOOP :giggle
:iagree. And not to forget all that beer thats killing my brain cells.
Congratulations, Mike! :cheers You made out like a bandit. :cool
Congrats Mike, thats a great price for this rare piece nowadays. I was lucky enough to pick mine up at a great price last year.

I agree with Anders about the history of the real car. As for the story behind the name of 22B, I know of a different story, here it is:

"The name itself is an enigma. Many journalists jumped to the mistaken assumption that 22 referred to the 2.2 litre engine and the B stood for Bilstein, the car's suspension manufacturers. The truth is 22B is hexadecimal (number base 16, used in the coding of computer programmes where the letter A to F are used for the numbers 10 to 15) for 555.

To prove this, take a calculator and add the following into the memory&#8230;
2x16x16 = 512
2x16 = 32
B = 11

Total = 555"
either way it is a very nice car both in 1:1 and 1:18. Also the bulk of the 22Bs dont have the spotlights, AUTOart modelled the one thats upgraded by Prodrive for the UK market. I cant remember the exact figures but they are very few indeed.
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