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Big thanks to Jeff (aka MaxPower) for finding this review, the only thing wrong is that there was a limited edition worldwide of 5,000 (not 4,000 as stated in the review)

The reviewed bus was the 1st in a series of 3 buses

1st - Sunstar 1:24 Routemaster RM8 'London' bus
limited to 5,000 worldwide - sold out on pre-orders

2nd - Sunstar 1:24 Routemaster RM254 'London' bus
(similar to RM8, but different windows) limited to 3,500 worldwide - virtually sold out

3rd - Sunstar 1:24 Routemaster RM664 'Silver Lady - London' bus
(similar to RM8, but in 'unpainted' finish, ideal for personalisation) limited to 3,500 worldwide - yet to be released

Here is the review Jeff kindly found for me

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