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A few months ago, I saw Testor's SureThing custom decal set at Wal-Mart and thought, "That's great! I can make my own decals!" Once I got it home, and found out how limited it is, (unless you upgrade for, guess what, more money) I had this thought and will put it out there for the rest of you. My question is this: I have Adobe PhotoShop 7, PaintShop Pro 7, and PaintShop Pro 8. Is there any reason I can't print out what I want from one of these programs on the decal paper and use them as decals? My other question is this: If that's possible, how do I get all the stuff I want on one sheet without wasting alot of decal paper in the process? Will PhotoShop or PaintShop allow you to put a bunch of different pictures into one file, kind of like a collage, or mosaic? Any help anyone could give me on this would be greatly appreciated. . . I also have Publisher, could I use that?
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At least with PS you can copy & paste without loosing image quality. I did that all the times I had decals printed.
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