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I just bought a ERTL 77 Formula and for the most part I like it. No regrets, I got it
at a good price.


The wheels/tires suck
Crossmemeber comes down way to low
Car sits to high

Sitting next my 70 and 73 Trans Ams, it drawfs them both!

So, if I bought a 73 could I just swap undercariages?

Actaully I might buy a 70 Trans Am (blue) and do that because then I get the ralley 2 wheels.


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I'm not too familiar with the particulars of making changes with this model. Maybe someone else can step in and answer for you.

Welcome aboard and glad to hav you

Hope you enjoy the forums :cheers

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You can probably change the wheels with another Ertl car, or some of the Maisto wheels will fit too(but would most likely need to be glued on).

As for lowering it, you would have to sand down parts of the suspension & wheel spindles (the top & bottom parts that go into the chassis) slowly to get the desired look. A Dremel comes in handy for doing this.
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