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Hello all, I
you to my collection thread

Here are my recent adds, the entire collection can be seen after this post...

Mazda 787B GT Stealth | AUTOart

More here

Veyron SuperSports Blue CF | AUTOart

More here

Porsche 997 GT3RS 4.0 RC | Some chinese company
(looks pretty good)

Toyota GT86 | AUTOart

More of Red here

Audi R8 GT| Maisto

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I mostly collect supercars, with the exception of some luxury cars and American muscles. I collect mostly highends, and sometimesbudgets as well, and thus my collection is a mix of both (as you'll see).I hope you'll enjoy this upcoming montage...

These are some pics of my collection....

A personal favorite image, of my all time favorite supercar, the LFA nur. Wonderful model, very underrated!

AUTOart / Lamborghini Aventador trio in their official launch colors

Gullwing dreams.

Because downforce! A spectacular model by AUTOart, the marvelous Merveilleux.

I'm a sucker for black Lambos :D

I collect luxury models too_One of my favorites, the epic Phantom EWB by Kyosho!

MM Murci Roadster ;)

Hope you don't get tired of these Pags :p

The most beautiful Ferrari ever, following the 288 GTO in my humble opinion.

Another budget
model, the MM reventon. The matte grey finish is very nice, and it looks right at home along with it's AUTOart twin.

Kyosho's Baller. The RR Drophead coupe

The British Fax machine.

Topless Italians- Maisto Gallardo Spyder, and a HWF 458 Spider, ready to drift :p

Black Bulls, part 1. The following Bulls are simply some of AAs best efforts imo.


Part 2

Part 3

Maisto SLS, another brilliant effort.

Maisto SLR- budget
car perfection.

Murican Muscle- Maisto C7

2 of my personal favorites by AUTOart. The LFA Nur and MP4-12C

My first AUTOart,the Aventador.

Bburago F50 Roadster-(lovely model, must be epic when released) Special thanks to DX'er ''AUTOindulgence'' for this :)

Maserati MC12 by HWE- A holy grail :D

The mighty STS in Rosso Mars

Zonda Lineup

Some of my favorites-

Some say he likes Pagani :)

AUTOart production Bug, another grail collected!

A legend, A masterpiece. Porsche Carrera GT, by MM.

LP640, and it's great granddaddy, the Diablo GT

Pearl white Maisto LP640, the mettalic paint is wonderful!

Mondo SL65

My 2nd favorite supercar, the Aventador. Wicked job by AUTOart on this one, looks very nice in Arancio Argos.

Aventador J @ Sunset

Another muscle car, the Mustang GT 2010 from AUTOart. The metallic blue is amazing in person.

My friend's Aventador in Nero Nemesis, what a beast!

The 540 HP Shelby GT500 by AUTOart.

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Been looking at your pics for a while, great to finally see a whole collection thread. Awesome cars and pics like always.

I love the Pagani shots, especially the one of the back ends. The diffusers just go get crazier and crazier until you hit the Zonda R haha. Love it!

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I have ran out of words looking at your thread,Amazing,Fantastic Wonderful,choose any,this and many other great words describe your photos and models.Outstanding photo contributions all the time,thanks for sharing these masterpieces.

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Always like seeing your great outdoor pics Talha with such interesting backdrops. The lineup of Pagani's looks great and those Black Bulls look so menacing together
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